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Guys on Tinder - Why Do They Swipe Left?

Tinder and online dating have become extremely popular and for good reasons. We all like the sweet autonomy of getting to at least have a look at our potential pool of partners, and explore around till we hop on to the one. Both guys and girls enjoy online dating and play around with their swipes.

“What makes you swipe right” is a question that often gets people confused because no one knows what are we exactly looking for. However, what we are not looking for and immediately swipe left to is often very clear. It is also something you should be aware of if you want to have a decent and honest tinder profile.

Here are a few things that guys swipe left to on tinder: 

No bio: Most guys definitely swipe left to a profile with no bio. There are plenty of options on tinder, and you need to give them some basic info about yourself. No matter how good a picture is, it holds very less value without a bio. A bio could be something about the things you like doing, what are you looking for, your interests, or anything at all. Something is better than nothing. Just give them some clue of what they will be signing up for.

Descriptions that say “Don’t Swipe if”: While you do need to write a bio or description, make sure to keep it about yourself. It is not considered cool to demean others in any way by mentioning a “Don’t swipe if” statement like don’t swipe if you don’t watch an XYZ show, or if you don’t know the difference between your and you’re and so on. Whether or not the guy attributes it to himself, it makes your bio off-putting and spoils the mood of the platform.

Photos with Snapchat filters: To use a picture with snap chat filter as the first picture or all pictures can be extremely off-putting. Though we might think the filters bring out our cute or funny side, it really drops anyone’s interest in the profile. The filters make everyone look similar and even take away all the real beauty you had before. When it comes to tinder, keep it real.

No solo pictures: Something else that guys often swipe left to is when there are no solo pictures on the profile. One it puts them in a place where they need to figure out which one is you, but it also implies low confidence and just the lack of willingness to put oneself out there. Be comfortable and put out those solo pictures proudly.

Why Guys Swipe Left on Tinder
Fake profiles: Lastly profiles with blurry pictures, no pictures, pictures without real faces, etc are often perceived as fake profiles ( or prank profiles) and everyone obviously wants to stay away from them. Tinder as an app has various guidelines and features to ensure your safety on the platform, so you can put out a simple picture and name without worrying too much. An anonymous profile needs to be very interesting to get a right swipe, or else you really need to put yourself out there.

Online dating is often perceived to be too complicated but for real it has been made complicated by trying too hard and constantly trying to figure out shortcuts that don’t exist. To be authentic and just oneself is all that was needed. So if you have been wondering too much, maybe this is a place to start to know what to avoid, but ultimately you just need to be yourself and enjoy your time here.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 5, 2020
Sensitive Information!