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RetailMeNot: What is Retail Me Not Shopping App?

by Garry S.

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What is RetailMeNot?

Retail Me Not is a shopping website that partners with various brands to offer a great shopping experience for its members. It offers coupons, rewards programs, and cash back offers. Retail Me Not has facilitated sales of more than $4.9 billion in 2018 alone across the world. The website has had more than 645 million visitors to its website in a year.   Its mobile app has seen more than 21 million visitors. It has earned a revenue of $1 billion from its in-store solutions. The successful track record shows the reach of the company.

The company is an award-winning firm being recognized as one of the best places to work. Retail Me Not is also involved in many community activities to help the needy in countries across the world.

RetailMeNot Shopping App

Retail Me Not’s shopping app acts as a shopping companion. There are millions of users across the world who use their mobile phone for various applications. Retail Me Not’s shopping app allows shoppers to get the best rewards, coupons, and other offers. The benefits and features the app offers are:

  • It offers coupons, promotional codes, straight discounts so that users can get the best prices when they shop at the partner stores of Retail Me Not.
RetailMeNot App
  • Retail Me Not also offers cash back. This allows users to earn cash on spending money for shopping. This is a great benefit for shoppers and also works to the advantages of shops as it motivates shoppers to do more of shopping so they can earn cash back.
  • Discount e-gift cards are offered that can be gifted to others. The user can get a great offer while shopping.
  • The app makes use of mobile technology like location to find out where the customer is and inform regarding the best shopping deals in the area. This is a very handy feature for customers who use the shopping app.

Getting the best savings from Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not has many interesting features that allow customers to get the best savings through offers. Some of these attractive features include:

  • The app shows the hot deals of the day on the home screen. This helps users know which are the best deals that shoppers can benefit from. It lists out coupons and you can go through the available deals to select the one you find attractive.
  • When you select an offer you like on the app, you will find that there are two options – one is online and the other is in-store. The online offer allows you to shop online from the merchant. A coupon or promo code is given. When you finish your online shopping, you can enter this code to get a discount on the final amount billed.
  • If you get an in-store deal, this would be applicable for shopping done at the store. To use this, visit the store and complete your shopping. At the time of billing, tap on 'Get' coupons, a coupon code is generated. Show the code to the cashier who would activate it and you can get a discount.
  • The app makes it convenient for users to shop. For example, you may be visiting a mall and decide to shop in the store. Use the app to search for in-store offers at the mall. You will get a list of all the stores that have offers in the mall. You can use what you like to shop.

Retail Me Not is truly a boon for shoppers. It allows them to get the best offers and discounts from stores whether they shop online or at the store.


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