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How Can I Check a Phone Number Online?

Have you ever looked at a contact number on your Caller ID and wondered whose phone number that could be? If the answer is in Yes, then you should know about online phone search. It is possible to locate the name, address, and additional information of a person by checking web-based reverse phone directories also known as reverse phone lookup.

An online phone number search is the easiest way to find accurate information about people, and this is what you need to know about this type of search.

How Does an Online Phone Number Search Work?

Prior to the age of the Internet, reverse phone directories were published by telephone companies. They also published reverse white pages area or town-wise and made them accessible to libraries, police, and others.

The popularity of the Internet and its increased convenience and speed led to making the functionality of an online phone lookup as one more search engine function. Today, several alternatives are available for online reverse lookup of a telephone number absolutely free of cost.

Phone Number Online Search

Google and other search engines – enter a phone number into the search engine that you chose, and then key in the contact number in its search. Do not forget to separate the numbers by hyphens. (For instance, 63-444-18888). Press the enter key and you can see the desired results. In fact, the result of Google Phonebook displays the name and street address of the phone owner, as well as, a map link displaying his/her exact location.

Another way of doing it on the web is to go to the search field and type the keywords “free reverse phone lookup”. Press the enter key and find a list of all those websites, which provide the facility of a reverse phone lookup. Navigate to any such website and then key in the phone number. Similar to the results of a search engine, you will be able to see details like a map link for driving directions, and the phone owner’s street address and name.

Also, click on options like “advanced search” or “for more information” to get additional details. however, you need to keep in mind that a free online phone number search will not provide you with all the data as a paid-per phone number search. Why? Because phone number searches are based on public records. Full access to public records requires payment, and sites that do not charge membership fees do not have the funds to access public records in the U.S.

Phone Number Online

Google Reverse Phone Number Search

You can perform an online reverse phone lookup by using Google in two ways:

1. Entering only a phone number – enter the full phone number into Google's search bar. The results will be displayed in a number of phone directories, which can require you to scroll through the phone numbers to find the person you are searching.

The Google reverse phone number search will be more refined if the phone number is attached to a business. That way, the phone number you searched will appear at the top of the search results. In case the phone number is attached to a home address, it will allow you to search the person you want to find.

2. Entering a phone number with a name – if you have the name of the person you are searching, you can type it into Google's search bar along with an additional detail, like their zip code. With this type of Google reverse phone number search, you will get results that may include additional information about the person in question.

Free Online Phone Number

Reverse Online Phone Number Search

There are websites for reverse phone lookups such, like GoLookUp, that can provide you with full access to public records. You must be aware that mobile phone companies issue the mobile phone numbers instead of the regional phone companies who follow an interlocking system for the landline numbers.

As such, it is tougher to access a searchable web database for getting the desired user details and phone numbers. Several mobile phone users love to protect their privacy and do not want people to call them on their mobile phones.

However, it is easy to do a reverse cell phone lookup. Simply go to GoLookUp's reverse phone lookup directory, and enter a phone number into the search box. The directory on GoLookUp will begin an online phone number search, and at the end of the search, you will be provided with a detailed report about the person/company that the phone number belongs to.

The report includes valuable data about the person/company in question, like their full name, birth records, marriage records, criminal records, sex offenses, arrest records, contact information, address, social media information, and much more.

So, by performing an online phone number search, you will be able to find out if spammers and scammers are calling you, and find out the truth about the people who are calling you.

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