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How to Obtain a Person’s Details with Phone Number Search

In this day and age, it is safe to say that the vast majority of adult individuals own a mobile phone. And as a result, most details related to this person - from email ids and social networking pages to bank accounts - end up being linked to their phone number. Since mobile phones are something people always have handy, they are also used for password recovery of various accounts, to make online transactions, etc. This shows the importance of a person’s phone number in their everyday life.

While phones and their associated numbers make all the processes so convenient, there are always threats of getting phone calls by scammers or spammers. This is one of the main reasons why it is important to know who the caller is before picking up a call.

Spam calls are a complete nuisance and tend to waste a lot of time once their call is picked up. As a solution to this problem, many mobile applications were introduced to track a person’s name and other details. Some of these include Truecaller, NumberGuru, Call Clerk, NumBuster, Caller Id Spoofer, Whitepages ID, or Hiya-CallerID & Block.

How Reverse Phone Number Lookup Works

Identify Caller with an App

Truecaller is the most popular app for finding out your caller's identity. It will identify the caller if their number is unknown and will also provide warning against spam. There is a provision where the user can mark a number as spam. When a number of users mark a particular number as spam, the app can warn other users if an incoming call from that number comes in.

Inputs from a large community are what drives this app, which also provides an option to block the spammers. There is also a feature in its professional version allowing the user to find out a person’s number using name search. Most of the mobile applications used to find out the caller operate in the same way as TrueCaller, with a few variations here and there.

Identify Caller Online

Many websites provide the same services, i.e. find a caller's details with their number. Some also provide the additional facility of tracking where the call came from. If you are looking to identify a phone number, and search online for 'identify phone number owner free', some of the top results will include NumberVille, WhoCallsMe, WhitePages, and Truecaller.

Reverse Phone Number Search

While knowing who your caller is before picking up a call might seem like a great advantage, there are also several disadvantages associated with it:

  • Since these mobile applications retrieve the information from a community database, the information retrieved on searching for the details of a particular number may not turn out to be one hundred percent correct.
  • If a person discontinues and cancels his/her number, the database still continues to show their name as the owner of that number. This leads to discrepancies in the data.
  • The name retrieved on searching a number is the name that a majority of users have saved the person’s number as. This might not give the correct idea of who the person is.
  • Not all numbers have associated details.
  • It can also act as a database for spammers.
  • If the website gets hacked, a lot of information can leak out.
Phone Number Lookup

It is also possible to remove a person’s name from the mobile application - Truecaller. To remove their own name, someone just has to go to the app or website and unlist it.

Track a Number on Social Media

Social media is another way to figure out the details of a person using their phone number. Snapchat is one of the most trending social mobile applications these days. Once the number is available, using that number, details such as the username of the person can be found out. This user name can then be used in other social media sites such as Twitter or Instagram.

Conduct a Reverse Phone Number Search with GoLookUp

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Every phone number is connected to a person or company whose records are mostly public, and GoLookUp retraces phone numbers back to their owners, by scanning and analyzing billions of public records and compiling them in a full report about the person or company calling. It might even allow you to find their address and criminal record.

Simply enter the details as seen in the image below and GoLookUp will begin your phone number owner search! 

how reverse phone number works

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