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GPS Cell Phone Tracker Explained

Everything you need to know about a GPS cell phone tracker!

Global Positioning System or GPS is a worldwide radio-navigation system which was formed by the constellation of 24 satellites as well as their grounds stations. GPS is mainly funded and controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). Initially, GPS was designed for the U.S. military. However, today there are many civilians who use GPS across the entire world.

Civilians are allowed to use the Standard Positioning System without any sort of charge or restrictions.

GPS tracking is a way of finding out where exactly something is regardless of its position around the world. Trackers can be attached to anything such as cars, clothes and so on. A GPS phone tracker is a tracker which has been attached to a phone to track its position.

GPS phone tracker

GPS can be used in many ways. For example, parents can use GPS to check on the location of their child. A GPS tracking system may be used by a company to monitor the status of deliveries in trucks. The uses are limitless.

Location-based services:

There are plenty of services based on your location which can be used as you use your cell phone. They help you to –

• Navigate whether you’re walking or driving

• See your position on a map in real time

• Track, analyze and store workout data

• Listen to international recordings based on your location

• Help you locate points of interest

• See the location of friends and family in real time

Location-based services are already available on smartphones. However, compatible devices are constantly being added with the trend showing no signs of slowing down.

what is GPS phone tracker

Tracking someone via their cell phone’s GPS

Almost all cell phone’s today have GPS chips in them. Tracking someone can be divided into three categories. Let’s take a look at them.

• Secret tracking – Tracking cell phone’s secretly is illegal and cannot be done through carriers. If you are looking to implement secret cell phone tracking, be careful. There are plenty of scams formulated around this.
• Voluntary tracking – With AT&Ts FamilyMap service, Verizon’s Family Locator and Sprint’s Family Locator, real-time tracking of cell phones using GPS became mainstream.

These services let you track phone locations on a map through another mobile phone or a web browser. Alerts can be set for when a tracked phone enters or leaves a certain location. The usefulness of these features cannot be overstated. In addition to this, cell phone locator is built into the 911 service in the U.S.

• Location-sharing tracking – Social media applications with location-sharing are available for smartphones. Examples of such applications include Glympse as well as Apple Find My Friends. These applications work by showing your real-time location to a group of friends you select.

phone tracker
In addition to this, you can even broadcast your location publicly. Applications such as this let you connect with business associates or friends. However, they must be used carefully. Features such as the public access feature require a lot of care as there are many privacy concerns surrounding these features. You can use these apps to find your friends’ positions on your phone or through a web browser.

GPS phone trackers are unavoidable as they are implemented in many devices surrounding our lives. They’re in our phones, cars, tablets and so on. When used properly, this service provides peace of mind to loved ones. However, like other technology, there is potential for abuse.

Care must be taken to respect privacy as well as prevent the release of data to people who shouldn’t have access to such information. Ultimately, the positives outweigh the negatives that this technology brings to the table.

GPS cell phone tracker

GPS Phone Tracking Apps

These days, there are several GPS phone tracking apps you can use to keep track of your loved ones. Many people use GPS phone trackers to know where their children are and make sure they are safe. There are also those who choose to use a GPS phone tracker to keep track of their partners; these days, GPS-based apps are used to find if partners and spouses are unfaithful.

You can also use a GPS tracker to find out if your romantic partner is cheating on you. How? The tracker can help you discover if your partner is where he/she say they are. If, for example, your partner says he is going to the movies, a GPS tracker can let you know if he truly is where he says he is.

You are advised to use such an app only if you have a real reason to believe that your partner is unfaithful. Tracking your spouse/partner can break the trust between the two of you, so you need to be certain that you want to do it. Otherwise, GPS phone trackers should only be used for making sure your loved ones are safe, and that they are where they should be.

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