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Sensory Issues in Children: What You Need to Know

by Eddie V.

Sensory Issues, Sensory Issues in Children
What are Children Sensory Issues?

Sensory issues or Sensory Processing Issues are commonly known as Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or Sensory Integration Disorder. Sensory Processing Issues is the condition where the brain cannot respond to the senses like smell, taste, sight, texture, sound. Children with these issues may feel overwhelmed or sometimes upset when they are exposed to loud sounds, bright lights, scratchy clothes, and certain food texture.

The occurrence of Sensory Processing Issues
There is no fixed cause or reason for sensory issues. Research is still going on. The only possibilities are genetic, premature baby, postnatal malnutrition, and other environmental factors.

Sensory Issues

Types of Sensory Issues in Children

The Sensory Issues affect the day-to-day activity of the children and also it impacts their learning process. So, they must be treated and cared with care, interest. Your child may be either oversensitive(hypersensitivity) or under sensitive(hyposensitivity) and sometimes it may be even the both.

Children with hypersensitivity avoid intolerable sensations while the other may want to touch and feel the things and pressure. Also, children who are undersensitive have a high tolerance to pain and they may even hurt someone while playing.

Moreover, children with both hyper and hyposensitivity will be sensitive to a few senses and undersensitive to other sense. The children reaction change from day to day or throughout the day or from one day to another. It depends on the situations they overgo.

Sensory Issues in Children

Signs of Sensory Issues in Children

A wide range of triggers is noticed like loud sound, uncomfortable clothing, food smells and textures, crowded places, etc. Here, below are listed a few points to look
  • These children upset easily even with the small change in the environment
  • Often, they avoid trying new changes or things
  • Always bright light bothers them
  • They avoid touching or hugging
  • Always they look forward to a quiet place in a crowded place or a noisy environment
  • Also, they may notice a strong reaction to certain kinds of food or food smells
  • Moreover, they chose to wear comfortable clothing and avoid scratch clothes
Signs of Sensory Issues in Children

Signs and Symptoms of undersensitive children

These children may often behave in the opposite way:
  • They forget the physical risk caused while playing roughly
  • Have a high tolerance for any sort of pain
  • Often, invade other’s personal space
  • They are uncoordinated, clumsy
  • Easily gets distracted
  • Look forward to changes
  • Also, they constantly touch things or objects
Emotional Issues in Children

Helping your children

Usually, a parent can first notice if the child has a sensory processing issue or not. As these issues are observed in toddler to 10 years children.
  • Know about sensory processing issues before you react to your child issue
  • Observe what triggers them
  • Always try to provide your children with comfortable clothing and food textures
  • Never shout at them loudly
  • Help hypersensitive kids on how to react with loud sounds or when suddenly their friend bump into them
  • Ask the hypo-sensitive child to tell when the kid feels pain
  • Talk with child’s school head to make your kid comfortable
  • Consult occupational therapist and follow the diets and exercises he provides
  • Discuss different ways with your kids to make them comfortable
Parents may have a tough time as children with sensory issues have a problem in developing the required skills for success. With the sensory issue, your child may suffer from emotional, educational and social problems. Sometimes they may fail in academics, could not make friends, uncooperative, clumsy.

Untreated sensory issues may also cause anxiety, depression, aggression and the way your child behaves. Hence, it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that your child gets proper treatment at a young age.

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