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Kentucky Sex Offender Registry

The state of Kentucky has the 27th highest number of registered sex offenders with 8,499 of these offenders living in the state as of today. In Total, there are nearly 800,000 registered sex offenders living in the US who are monitored on a regular basis. The information on Kentucky registered sex offenders, as well as similar data in any other state, is available to you thanks to sex offender registries that operate around the clock.

If you need to find out if a certain person living in Kentucky is a registered sex offender, you can search for him/her in the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry. You can also use an online sex offenders search website that contains public records information, including registered sex offender data.

Kentucky Sex Offender Registry General Information

In the US, there are people who have been caught and convicted of performing a sexual offense. Each state in the country has its laws and rules as to what is a sex crime, but all 50 states have one thing in common: a register sex offender registry. If a certain person is found guilty of committing a sex crime, he/she are required to notify the authorities in their area of residence and list themselves as registered sex offenders.

Kentucky Sex Offender Registry
Thanks to the registry, authorities can monitor the activity of registered sex offender and keep track of their location. The records that contain information about registered sex offenders become available to the public, and that is why they are called 'public records.' A Kentucky Sex Offender Registry, as well as other sex offender registries, are open to the public, so you can find out if the people you know are registered as sex offenders, and discover which crimes they committed.

Kentucky Sex Offender Search

The Kentucky state police allow residents of the state to search for registered sex offenders and learn if the people in their lives are a part of the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry. Under the KRS 17.580, you can search for sex offenders in the state of a Kentucky. The search is a name-based search, which means you can enter the name people you have questions about to discover if they have a violent sexual past. You can also use websites that offer a full public records search service that has data about registered sex offenders in every state, including Kentucky.


A Quick Sex Offender Search Service

For a quick and easy Kentucky registered sex offender search, you can use GoLookUp's online sex offender search service. There are two types of services that are available on GoLookUp, and you can choose the one you need based on the information you are searching for. The first kind of search is a general search that offers data based on zip codes.

Kentucky Sex Offender Search

If for, instance, you need to find out who are the registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood, all you have to do is enter your zip-code into GoLookUp's sex offender search directory. In a matter of moments, you will receive a full report that includes the names of all the registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood, and also the following information:

  • Mugshots
  • The sex crimes each person committed
  • Contact information
  • Distance from you

The second method for searching registered sex offenders in Kentucky, or any other state, is by using GoLookUp's people search engine. When you enter the name of a particular person into the directory, you will get a report about them that will tell you if they committed sex offenses.

You can use other services provided by GoLookUp to find out if people you know are registered sex offenders, and decide how you want to proceed with the data.