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Ohio Sex Offender Registry

With 19,448 registered sex offenders living in Ohio as of 2018, the state has the 11th highest number of sex offenders in the country. The United States is home to almost 800,000 registered sex offenders, whose information is available to you on several websites. If you want to find out if certain people are a part of the Ohio sex offender registry, right here is where you can find out how to search for them and for data about the offenses they committed.

You can also search for general data in public records search websites that provide accurate data to their users. The data includes a full profile of Ohio registered sex offenders, as well as data about every registered sex offender living in the USA.

Ohio Sex Offender Registry General Information

The US, like most other countries in the world, monitors the activity of registered sex offenders. Whenever a person is found guilty of committing a sex offense, they must provide their information to local authorities in their state of residence. Whenever a person registers as sex offenders, they are monitored by law enforcement agencies assigned to this mission in each US state.

Ohio Sex Offender Registry
To allow residents of the country to find out if people they know have a criminal sexual past, the records of registered sex offenders in each state are public records. Thanks to this public information, you can to perform an Ohio sex offender search, or the same search in any other state, and find all the information about the people you have questions about. A sex offender search is very helpful in certain situations, like with online dating websites, new neighbors, people who are involved in your children's lives, etc.

Ohio Sex Offender Search

The state of Ohio monitors the activity of registered sex offenders, and you can search for the information about them is the SMART website (Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, registering, and Tracking). The SMART search system allows you to tap into the Ohio registered sex offender data, and search for people who may be sex offenders. How is the search performed? With a name-based directory. Once you enter the names of the people you have questions about into the SMART website, you will get information about whether or not they are registered as sex offenders in Ohio.

Ohio Sex Offender Search

A Quick Sex Offender Search Service

An additional method for searching Ohio registered sex offenders is with GoLookUp's advanced public records search directories. GoLookUp offers several types of search queries that allow you to find out if certain people are registered sex offenders or not. The name-based searches, like a background check, police records search, a true people search, and other services provided by GoLookUp allow you to find accurate information about the people you know. To find out if a certain person you know is a registered sex offender in Ohio or other states, all you have to do is enter their name into one of GoLookUp's name-based directories.

Aside from these search queries, GoLookUp also offers a zip-code based sex offender search directory. If you want to find out who are the registered sex offenders living in a certain area, you can type in the zip-code of interest into GoLookUp's zip-code search directory. Then, the system will scan millions of public records about the registered sex offenders living in the area of interest and the following data about its registered sex offenders:

  • Full names
  • Aliases
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Photo (mugshots)
  • The sex offenses they committed
  • Their distance from you

The full report allows you to get to know your neighborhood better, and also discover if other neighborhoods have a large population of registered sex offenders.

An Ohio sex offenders search, or the same search in other states, can help you discover if certain people you know, or do not know very well, are registered sex offenders. With GoLookUp, you will get all the data you need in one place, and get valuable information about registered sex offenders.


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