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Sexy Texts for Her That Will Spice Things Up

by Alvin V.

Sexy Texts for Her, Sexy Text Messages for Her

How to Write Flirty and Sexy Texts for Her?

Texting has become one of the most important parts of a relationship, especially with the advent of online dating. Before seeing the date, people are usually entranced or put off by the personality of the person. Thus, it becomes your duty to keep her enticed and hooked on to you. Doing this is not as difficult as it seems. The only thing you do need to remember is that girls and guys have different requirements when it comes to flirty and sexy texts. A girl does not like to get down to business at once, she loves to play around for some time. Here is how you can construct the best sexy flirty texts for her.

Sexy Texts for Her That Will Spice Things Up!

Be Clear About Your Intentions

Do not try the “friends until we fall in love” technique. Girls hate it, and it is an unnecessary hassle for everyone involved. Be direct about your intentions with her. However, do not be graphic from the get-go. There is an obvious, yet the unclear distinction between gross and unwanted texts (read pictures) and sexy texts, which men do not understand for some reason.

Sexy Good Morning Texts for Her

Make her start getting excited about receiving a message from you. The best way to approach sending sexy text messages for her is to follow Pavlov’s theory of the salivating dog. Start her morning with sexy good morning texts for her, and see how you start becoming the first thought on her mind, the moment she wakes up from sleep.

Maintain a Distance

Do not message her all the time, and do not reply to her the moment you see her message, no matter how badly you want to. Both you and she have a physical life outside of texting each other. Do not leave everything that you are doing just to reply to her. There is nothing that a girl hates more than clingy men, who seem overeager to please her all the time. In addition, all your sexy text messages for her will start seeming like the pleas of a desperate man. Keep your distance from her, and watch how she starts appreciating not only your sexy texts for her but also you as a person.

Sexy Texts for Her That Will Spice Things   Up!
Do Not Play Mind Games

In contrast, do not act like you are too busy for her, and do not reply after three days, expecting her to be just as eager to talk to you. Women do not wait forever for a man unless they are absolutely in love with them. If you start acting all haughty and snooty around her, expect her to dip, and fast. Just be yourself, but a little flirtier. Women are not as complex and relationship gurus make them out to be.

Sexy Flirty Texts for Her

If you do not know how to begin showing your interest for the woman, here are a few sexy texts for her to help you break the ice, and begin showing your interest.

  • Text her in the middle of the day. Texting in the middle of the night is passé. If you text a woman in the night, you automatically become a typical horny man. But sexy texting her in the middle of the day brings with it exciting possibilities. Let her mind run wild about what all is actually happening to you while you are supposed to be working.
  • Send her a topless picture with a teasing caption: Many men confuse a topless photo with photos of what’s underneath. Women love seeing a naked male torso, but not unwarranted photos of other body parts.


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