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Snapchat Password Reset Guide

by Roni G.

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How to Reset Snapchat Password

Headed by Evan Spiegel, Snapchat is a multimedia mobile messaging app devised for Android and iOS users. The main concept of Snapchat, as you guessed it, is snaps or pictures. You can upload pictures, videos, and messages which is available to the receiver only for a short period after which it disappears. Millions of people use Snapchat on a daily basis to tell stories about themselves.

It often happens that while using Snapchat you are unable to login into your account because you have forgotten your password. In this case, you would want to reset your password. Well, there may be a variety of reasons for resetting your Snapchat password, including security reasons, but the process is always the same. Resetting the password is simple. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below.

How to reset your Snapchat password using email

First of all, open your Snapchat homepage and click “Forgot Your Password?” tab. After this step, you will get options of how you would like to reset your password.

You will receive an email with a password reset link to the address which you used while creating your account.

Snapchat Password

Click on the link. In the rare case of you not being able to lick on it, copy and paste the link in your browser.

You will be redirected to a page where you will be able to reset your password. Type in your new password and confirm it.

After you have successfully reset your password, you are ready to use Snapchat.

How to reset your password using text from the Snapchat Login screen

Open your Snapchat home page.

Tap on the “Forgot Your Password?” tab on your screen.

After tapping the “Forgot Your Password?” tab, you would have to select as to how you would like to reset your password. Choose the text option.

After selecting the text option, you will receive a verification code as an SMS to your registered phone number which you used while creating your account.

Open the message with the verification code and enter it. After entering the code, select the “Continue” tab.

You will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter your new password.

Enter your new password and confirm it.

Snapchat Password Reset
If you have enabled login verification in Snapchat, you may be required to serve your verification code to log in.

You will be ready to login into your Snapchat account and use it.

While you are resetting your password, try to enter a password which has at least eight characters. Also, it is advisable that your password should not have your name, phone number, username, birthday or any other relevant information. Create a password which is easy for you to remember but not easy for others to guess! A password which has a mix of numbers, special characters, upper and lower case letters are the strongest of passwords.

In some cases, Snapchat is not able to reset your password due to some conditions. Here is a list of conditions for which Snapchat may not be able to reset your password:

  • The email address is not valid, or the email address you have used to reset your account is not the same which you used while creating your account. The email has to be associated with your account.
  • You do not know the phone number or associated mail address.
  • You are unable to gain access to the email address or phone number linked to your account.

These are the few cases where Snapchat will not be able to reset your password for security reasons.


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