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Spendee App Review: Best Features and Tools on Spendee!

by Goni S.

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Spendee App: How Does it Work?

Keeping track of your finances can be tricky if you don't have the financial know-how, and you don't write down all your expenses. Luckily, there are some great personal finance apps that can help you with budgeting and monitoring your finances, like the Spendee app. Spendee can come in handy for those of you who want to manage your money successfully, and here is what you need to know about the easy to use and popular app.

Spendee App Overview

Spendee started out as an expense-tracking app, and it developed into a finance management paradise. The app is available in the United States and other countries, and it is now used by millions of people around the world. The purpose of Spendee app is to make budgeting and money management easy for users by connecting users accounts in one place. To do so, the developers of Spendee created a platform that allows users to view all their finances in a clear way.

Spendee App

The app connects accounts from dozens of banks so that users can keep track of their money without having to log into several accounts. Once users have all the financial data they need, they are able to make the best decisions in terms of budgeting, saving, and even investing money.

How Does the Spendee App Work?

Spendee app offers several money management tools you can use to keep track of your money – meaning your monthly income and expenses. After you download the app, you will be able to decide which accounts to connect and connect them to the app. Afterward, your outgoing transactions will be automatically connected to Spendee, so you will be able to view your money in one place. If you have crypto wallets that you use, you will be able to connect them to the Spendee app as well to get a full picture of your money.

The app will then show you real-time reports detailing your financial transactions at any given point in time. The app displays income and expenses in a graph, so you can visually see your expenses compared to your income.


Once you have a record of your finances, Spendee will let you plan budgets based on your lifestyle and spending habits. So, you will be able to plan a budget for household expenses, entertainment, clothing, and more. When the budgets are set, you will get alerted when you are about to reach the maximum sum of a particular budget, or when you go over a budget. The alerts will help you keep your expenses under control, and know when to stop spending money.  

To make things even easier, the Spendee app provides daily allowance by breaking down your budgets. That way, you will be able to know how much money you spend every day, and not go over it. The personal finance app also lets users connect accounts to multiple users, which is especially handy for families and homes where there are several accounts.

Spendee App Membership Plans

Spendee review

Is Spendee App Safe?

When it comes to apps that have access to your accounts and money, it is vital to make sure they are safe to use. In Spendee's case, the app uses bank-level encryption to keep users' financial data safe. So, linking your accounts on the app does not put your financial information at risk. If you decide not to use the Spendee app anymore, you can delete it. Once you do, all your financial information will be deleted from the app's servers.  

All the data that runs through Spendee is encrypted, so nobody can view it as it goes to your phone. The information kept by Spendee is also encrypted, so only individuals with authorization can view it. When you download the Spendee app to your phone, you can set a four-digit password, or a biometric password, like a fingerprint, to open the app – which is another security measure used by Spendee.

Spendee App

Spendee App Review

Spendee app users had this to say on the app:

- "Better and much faster than a checkbook registry. It adds it all up and puts all debits & credits in categories you've set up. After putting everything in, it automatically goes through and groups entries together creating charts to track your spending over several different time frames that are up to you. I was very impressed & that's hard to do with these types of apps"

- "This is an easy to used app that helps you keep spending right where you can see it and make adjustments as required! Much easier to use than others I have tried!"

- "Helps manage your money. Very good. It has a great, beautiful looking interface and crisp graphics. It even can be personalized."


- "I've tried this app on-and-off... I have to say that I love its simplicity. Very clean interface. Very easy to add things. I did have a glitch with ads even after paying to remove them, but that seems to be fixed now. My only complaint about something I noticed today... no business expenses option in categories. That should be one of the most basic spending categories to choose from. For that, I give it four stars. For all else, I give it five."

- "I have used this app for several months and have been very pleased with how messy it is to use. I can create expense categories and track them monthly. Going back and making changes also works nicely. And I can upload my data onto my computer and work on it separately. Updates have been smooth and valuable. It's been such a great experience I'm willing to pay for the app."

So, the bottom line is that Spendee app is great for whoever wants an easy way to manage their finances. You can find the app on iTunes or Google Play, and download it to your phone so you can get started with your budget management.


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