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Taurus: How to Dress According to Your Sign

by Fred. F.

Taurus Star Sign Fashion, Taurus Style

Star Sign Fashion: Taurus

The charming Taureans are people born between April 20 and May 20. Venus rules the Taurus sign, which makes people born under this sign naturally stylish. They have a keen eye for fashion, beauty, and luxury, which makes them natural style icons. The Taurus style is quite famous – the ever-stylish Queen Elizabeth and David Beckham are some famous examples.

Taureans are people that want the best. They can be patient and work hard for what they want, be it fashion or any other aspect of their lives.

If you are a Taurean, be assured that your sense of style is impeccable. But it is always nice to be told that you are right on the fashion point. So, here are some Taurus clothing style pointers to guide you in the stylish ‘Taurean’ direction:

Focus on Earthy Shades

You are known for carrying off any color with style, grace, and charisma. But, elevate the style quotient with colors that fit your sun sign - earth tones. Brown, gray, warmer shades of green, orange, red, and white, are all colors that help highlight your unique sense of style.

Apart from earthy tones, blue is a color that fits your personality to a tee. Blue is a color that symbolizes stability, wisdom, intelligence, and truth- characters that a Taurean is best known for. A typical Taurus women fashion style does not involve bold colors. Taurus males too are lovers of tanned and muted colors.

Taurus Star Sign Fashion

Go for a Practical Style

As a Taurean, you are an Earth sign, which makes you a realistic, practical, productive and result-oriented individual. This is revealed in the way you dress- you naturally tend toward clothes that are comfortable.

Though style-conscious, Taureans are people that do not follow mindless fashion fads. True to their nature, they think through deeply before choosing a style that they feel confident about and are comfortable in. A Taurean is more conservative by nature. So, a Taurus man style or a woman style will be more inclined to traditional and classic outfits.

Taureans’ practical nature forces them to be consistent with their fashion choices. You will not find a Taurean making drastic fashion statements frequently.

You are a Taurean, you are into Finer Fashion

Taureans are sensual by nature. They bring this sensuality to their fashion choices too. As a Taurean, you will be more attracted to the quality of your fashion. You are impressed by fine craftsmanship. You are a connoisseur when it comes to fine fashion.

You look for richness in clothing materials and are drawn to wool, cashmere, silk, velvet, corduroy, and high-end cotton fabrics. The love for fine craftsmanship also extends to the fit of the clothing. As a Taurean, you love garments that fit your body perfectly without compromising your comfort.

Be Fashionable Everyday

As a style-loving Taurean, you are fashionable not just on occasions that demand well-planned dressing, but every day. In fact, you are never out of fashion! A typical everyday Taurus man style consists of well-fitting comfortable jeans or khakis and a casual button-down shirt of white or muted colors. A Taurus woman can just be as simple yet sensual even in her everyday fashion gear.

Taurus Style

Complete the Ultra-Stylish Taurean Look with Fine Accessories

Taureans are never incomplete in their looks. They complement their fashion clothing with the best accessories. Silk ties and scarfs; and leather shoes, purses, and wallets; are a part of a typical Taurus male’s attire.

A Taurus woman complements her looks with high-end accessories that can include diamond or pearl earrings, and a high-end handbag, and elegant footwear.

Taureans love highlighting their neck. A Taurus man usually does this by choosing a fabulous tie or scarf while the ladies may choose necklaces, chokers, and chains. A Taurean’s taste for accessories inclines toward classic and high-quality designs.

Dress to your Taurean style reputation with the above winning tips. The Taurus clothing style is fine and expensive. But Taureans are not one to splurge their money. Their natural caution when it comes to finances, and patience, come to the fore, making them wait for the best clothing deals. Taureans like the best – but they are willing to wait for the best.


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