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Different Types of Doctors You Should Know About

by Garry S.

Different Types of Doctors, Types of Doctors

Types of Doctors: These are the Main Type of Doctors and their Salaries

Today there are varieties of doctors available, who specialize in certain areas of medicine. In the days of yore, family physicians (still are) handled all the medical conditions of their patients. While the family physician remains a constant to the day, the methodology has improvised in tone in favor of the General Physician. Let us look at the main types of doctors and their salaries in general.

Orthopedic doctors and surgeons are specialists that deal with anything bone related – musculoskeletal in format. Given the fact that they are most sought after, their average annual salary amounts to an average of $445,000.

An Anesthesiologist is a doctor who has an overall knowledge based on studies in anesthetic medicine. S/he is required to administer medicine and injections based on the need. The average pay scale is at $270,000 per annum.

One of the different types of doctors is a heart specialist or a Cardiologist is also sought after as s/he deals with the study and treatment of the heart. With practically every tenth person suffering from heart-related ailments like hypertension and the like, the heart doctor works out methods to prevent cardiovascular disease or a heart attack from taking over. The average salary of a Cardiologist is at $510,000 per annum.

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Quite some people seek the expertise of skincare experts to sort out their skin related woes. However, the best bet is a Dermatologist who studies skin, the structure, disease and preventive methods to solve multiple skin related ailments. With skin cancers multiplying, Dermatologists examine patients for moles that can manifest into cancer. The average salary is at $250,000 per annum give or take.

Obstetricians are also in heavy demand today. Obstetrics is a particular area in gynecology that concentrates on childbirth and neonatal care. Women with issues about the reproductive system are in good hands with a qualified Obstetrician. The average salary is at $216,000 per annum, of course, based on the hospital.

The Dentist needs to be featured here as s/he works on teeth and any gum related illnesses. One is expected to visit the dentist at least once a year to ensure that any problems like cavities, root canals, dentures, braces, are dealt with effectively. The average salary for a dentist is at $177,943 per annum.

An Endocrinologist is a specialist that provides solutions to problems related to the endocrine system and glands and the hormonal system. One may seek out the specialist for thyroid related illnesses or anything associated with the endocrine glands. The average salary for an Endocrinologist is at $193,000 per annum.

Types of Doctors

Neurologists are doctors that treat illnesses about the brain, muscles, spine and peripheral nerves. Many a time a pinched nerve could be the problem because of incessant pain. To sort out the issue, a Neurologist is an answer. The average pay is at $245,000 per annum.

One cannot discount the Emergency doctors who are always on call to treat patients. They are less likely to face any slash in salary, and their annual earnings would amount to an average of $325,000. An ER specialist may or may not continue this line as it is extremely stressful and requires one to be on the ball.

An Oncologist is a professional that works on the prevention and treatment in dealing with mild and high-risk patients suffering or diagnosed with cancer. The examination and diagnosis have to be spot on to eliminate the cancerous cells with chemotherapy and radiology. The average salary is estimated to be $400,000 per annum.

A Pediatrician is a doctor that specializes in children related illnesses ranging from a mild fever to cancer. The doctor has to be extra careful as kids tend to either clam up or overemphasize the problem. A pediatrician makes approximately $345,000 per annum.

Different Types of Doctors

Among the different types of doctors, you will also find colon and rectal surgeons. While most of you probably move around in your sits uncomfortably when hearing about this specialty, colon and rectal surgeons have a very important job; they check and perform surgeries on the colon, the buttocks, and the small intestine. They also check for colon cancer and other illnesses by performing colonoscopies. The median income for a colon and rectal surgeon is $370,024 a year, so they make a good living, which is fair considering what they see every day. 

Geriatric Medicine Specialists care for the elderly population and take care of patients who suffer from age-related illnesses. You will usually find a geriatric doctor in an office, assisted-living centers, nursing homes, and hospitals where the elderly go to get treatment, or where they go to live. A geriatric specialist gets an average of $183,523 a year, and sometimes more, depending on where they are working. 

Different Types of Doctors

More different type of doctors that most of you probably haven’t heard of are:

Audiologists – these doctors specialize in the body's auditory organs – meaning the ears. Many audiologists specialize in hearing loss in children, helping them, to learn how to communicate with their environment.

Epidemiologists – more different types of doctors include Epidemiologists – the doctors that save millions of lives around the world. Epidemiologists specialize in the study of different diseases, and they work hard at finding vaccines that can cure or prevent diseases.

Geneticists – there are many diseases that are genetic, meaning they get past on from one generation to the next. Some genetic diseases severely hurt the person who has them, and this is where Geneticists come in; many people have not heard of these types of doctors, but they have a valuable role in studying genetic disorders and preventing them from getting passed on to future generations.

Studying medicine is not for the faint-hearted. It takes time and passion. A good doctor will be able to find a way to deal with the issues based on symptoms.  


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