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Is USSearch Legit or Is it a Scam? Find Out with Our Full USSearch Review!

When an individual in our day and age wants to find information about someone, they start with the easily accessible methods. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media profiles. However, due to the recent reports that these companies sell personal data to advertisers and other companies, many people do not list any information on their social media accounts or put their profile on a private setting which does not allow for people who are not connected on these sites to access the information. 

In light of this phenomenon, one needs to look beyond the obvious when searching for information, and this is where public record search engines come in to play. Websites such as USSearch aggregate information that is usually collected by official authorities and governments. These records include birth and death records, marriage and divorce certificates and much more. Such services have been called into doubt since their inception and the question that is eventually asked is – is USSearch legit? Or is USSearch a scam? This article will give you an honest evaluation of USSearch. Costs offers to buy a one time report or offers several Omnisearch membership plans that allow users to perform unlimited public records searches. The current USSearch costs are as follows:

  • One-time report- 2.45 and up
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership- 19.95
  • Unlimited Quarterly Membership: $49.85

What are Features?

USSearch provides its members and subscribers with access to public records. To properly provide its users with information about people in the United States, USSearch offers the following features:

  • Peoples SearchA Peoples Search is the best way to find family, old friends, relatives and more. People Search reports include current address, phone numbers, address history, household members, home values and more.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup- Learn who is calling you or your family. US Search's Reverse Phone Lookup provides you with the current registered name and location of a known phone number. 
  • Email Search- Using US Search's email search feature, you can find anyone's email address, or find the owner of an email address. Reports include addresses and phone numbers when available.
  • Social Network Search- A Social Network Search is a method of finding all of your friends' social networking profiles and photos with just one click. The report includes links to Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, MySpace and many more social media sites.
  • Property Records- With a property records search, you can access the same premium property records data that appraisers and lending institutions rely on. The report provides ownership and deeds information, property details, maps plus a list of all other properties owned by the same owner.
  • Criminal Records- A US Search Criminal Records report covers convictions, felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses, and other criminal record offenses. Depending on your needs, you can search criminal records by a specific State or run a Nationwide search.
  • Background Check- With a Background Check from US Search, you will be provided with valuable information about an individual including current address, phone number, address history, criminal background records and more. App

USSearch does not have a dedicated application for mobile devices, but their website does have a mobile version, so it is very simple to use the site straight from your phone and access reports on the go. 

USSearch Review

Where is How Can I Contact

USSearch is run by a company called PeopleConnect Inc. which is located in Seattle Washington. The company was established in 1998. If you want to contact USSearch you can do so in one of the following ways:

Phone call (800) 877-3272, Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time.

People Connect address - 1501 4th Ave. Suite 400, Seattle, Washington 98101, USA

USSearch customer service email -

Is Anonymous? Does Notify the Person? 

When beginning a background check on anyone, the question that always comes to mind is will this person be notified that a search has been run on them, and if so, will they know who ran the search? Is US Search anonymously? or does US Search notify the person? The answer is that US Search is completely anonymous and your query will never know that you ran a search on them. Reviews

How to Cancel 

Cancel online- Navigate to and sign in. In the top-right corner of your screen, open the Your Account menu and choose Account Settings. Find the Membership Information section and click the Cancel Service link.

Cancel by phone – contact customer service at 1(800) 877-3272, Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time and one of the representatives will cancel your membership for you. Reviews

If reviews are usually mixed or even bad concerning background checks websites. Concerning, many people complained about charges taken without consent and generally speaking, about customer service. Also, we can note that one of the disadvantages compared to other websites, is that the customer service has a quite negative reputation and is not open 24/7 compared to other background checks services.

"Confusing and misleading advertising. Search was inadequate and they tried to stick me on a membership without consent. Luckily bank denied the charges." - Greg, Septembre 2015, from Consumer Affairs.

“The search I received was for the wrong person. They couldn't find the right person even though they are in the white pages. The customer service rep was clueless. Terrible company and a huge waste of money. I did better in 10 minutes on my cell phone.” - Douglas, December 2017, from Consumer Affairs."

“I had used USSEARCH once in the past and I was unhappy... they had NOTHING on the person I asked about. I called and they credited my credit card back and at my request my account there was deleted. Sat I wanted to try again... I knew the nightmare stories about recurring monthly charges. I was extra careful not to click on anything that would cause that issue. I placed the order and I got the material and a bill for $39.95. Immediately I started getting concerned about those recurring charges. I called them today. I have to confess they were professional and assured me that $39.95 was a ONE TIME fee and there would not be any recurring charges... BINGO! Case closed.” – Gilbert, February 2018, from Consumer Affairs.

Is Legit?

US Search is one of the many background site checks that are on the market, and it is always prudent to check if the service you are using is legitimate or a scam to make sure you receive accurate information as well as protect yourself and your money. is USSearch legit? Or is USSearch a scam?

USSearch is run by People Connect, a company from Washington that also owns two reputable companies aside from US Search. The first is Intelius, another background check site and the second is Classmates, a website for connecting with high school peers. Both of these websites are well reputed, which is a good indication for US Search. However, US Search has very mixed reviews that are common with background search services. As the website aggregates millions of public records and internet data, it is possible that the record for the specific query does not exist, or that the information is inaccurate in some cases.

In summation, USSearch encompasses most of the necessary public records search services, including people search, reverse phone search, criminal records search, and more. The website is reputable and secure, so you can rest easy that your financial and personal information is protected. The downsides of this company are the cancellation fee and the lack of a mobile app. 


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