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Utah Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Kelly B.

Register to Vote Utah, Utah Register to Vote

How to Register to Vote in Utah?

Democracy empowers people with the ultimate decision-making tool. This is nothing other than the right to vote. It is not just an essential right but also an important duty which must be fulfilled by citizens to exercise their democratic right.

Registering to vote in the state of Utah is extremely convenient. There are few directions to be followed which can help one register for voting.

Eligibility to vote in Utah

Before going along the process of registration in the state of Utah, be sure to check for your ability. You are eligible to vote if you fulfill the following conditions.

  • You are a citizen, be it by birth or by naturalization in the United States
  • Must be a resident in the state of Utah by no less than 30 days before proceeding to register
  • You must complete 18 years of age by the time of election or election day
  • The applicant must be a resident of the district also known as precinct from where he or she is applying to register
  • A person who is serving a sentence for a crime or is in prison cannot vote in Utah. But any ex-offender, who has completed the sentence is eligible to register for voting.
Register to Vote Utah

Voting application in Utah

Several methods are accepted by the state of Utah to become a registered voter. You can avail any of the following techniques to become a voter or register for voting.

  • You can make the application yourself in person by visiting a registration office at the county clerk. It can be done even seven days before the actual election day.
  • You can even register by merely sending a text and following the instructions.
  • Even sending a mail with your application form is accepted by the state of Utah to register you as a voter.
  • Online applications can be made. But for that, you will need a Utah driver's license.

The voting application form in Utah

Once you get the application form, make sure that you go through it carefully and fill in the required details. As a form of identification, your driver's license or personal identification number or your social security number can be used.

Don’t forget to check if you have had made any prior registration application or not.

There can be 7 to 30 days for you to obtain the registration certificate, it will depend on how you are applying.

Utah Register to Vote

Making changes

In case your registration certificate comes with any mistakes like the spelling of your name, other wrong information like identification verification, report the error immediately. Upon receiving the notification, you will receive the corrected document.

To vote you will need photo proof along with the registration certificate. Check the acceptable forms of photo proof by your precinct. Generally, if you can not submit a confirmation at the time of voting, you may be granted a provisional vote subject to submission of a photo proof within a stipulated time.

Things to know about voting in Utah

Do not forget to note the precinct number, as it is where you are supposed to vote. If you have a doubt, clarify with concerned authorities.

Applications get processed in no time after receiving the duly submitted form along with the required information. 

You must not forget o carry a photo proof of yourself and identify as the voter at the polls. Passport, driver’s license, concealed weapons’ carry permit, Military Id card are some of the acceptable forms of identification amongst others.

To vote in Utah, you must be a registered voter, make sure you meet all the requirements and complete the registration process in time to become an eligible voter.


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