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Warren Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Laurein A.

Warren Police Departments, City of Warren Police Department

Warren Police Departments Information

Government of every country would love to have crimeless societies. But the authorities working for the governments confess that they are not able to succeed in achieving this aim, despite the hard efforts they put in. At the same time, they agree that they cannot stop taking steps to curb and prevent crimes from happening because such an approach will be considered irresponsible and will lead to chaos in the societies.

If they adopt such an attitude and stop taking the required steps, there may be continuous brawls on roads, shops, malls, and in every place, there may be burglaries, thefts, and assaults, and there may be several other crimes happening without deterrence. That is the reason every country has put in place several departments for enforcing the law and for preventing crimes. One such department is the Police Department.

Every country, and in fact, every city of countries, has a police department. Let us now look at a few of the details about the police department in the city of Warren, Michigan State, USA.

Warren Police Departments
Information pertaining to the Police Department of Warren.

The Warren police departments offer various types of services that include traditional services, community services, and those pertaining to organization and records, performance reporting, and accident reports. As far as the traditional services are concerned, the officers of the department will respond to almost all types of situations and ensure that issues related to the existing and sudden situations and circumstances are resolved on an immediate basis. Since these authorities try to resolve such issues without delays, most of the solutions they provide are short-term ones.

Some of the examples of traditional services are accident investigation, driving complaints, parking complaints, family and neighborhood disputes, mischief complaints, complaints related to flights, annoyance, and noise, drug detention, security checks, animal complaints, alarm response, ordinance enforcement, mental health response, and so on.

The community services the City of Warren Police Department renders are focused towards the safety and well-being of the residents of the city. In other words, the authorities working with the department think with a long-term perspective and offer long-lasting solutions. This means the services they conceive will lean towards preventative strategies that are aimed at curbing and preventing crimes from happening.

Apart from traditional and community services, the Warren Police takes care of other tasks related to organization and records, performance reporting, and accident reports.

Let us now look at a few other details of the police department of this city.

Address from where the Police Department of the city functions:

The city of Warren is in Macomb County of the Michigan state in the USA.

City of Warren Police Department

The Warren Police Department address is as follows:

29900 Civic Center Blvd

Warren City,

County: Macomb County

Michigan State,

Zip Code: 48093-2386

Contact information of the Police Department of the city of Warren.

If you want to contact the police department of the city of Warren, you are advised to call the phone number 586-574-4800. You can send a fax message also on the number 586-574-4862 so that you can contact the department and communicate with them for getting all your needs fulfilled.

What is the email address of the Police Department of Warren City?

Warren Police Department email address is

What is the Website of the Warren Police Department?

The website of the Warren Police Department is The website contains a host of information that includes links to Awards Board, Citizens Emergency Response Team, Police faqs, Request for Service, Senior Fraud Prevention, and Technical Services/Records Division.

Additional information related to the Police Department of the City of Warren.

A piece of great news about the Warren Police Department is among the total number of officers of 246 working in this department, 36 officers have already become PoliceOne Members. Further, the department is at present serving a population of more than 135000.


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