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4k Resolution: What Is 4k Resolution Exactly

by Roni G.

4k Resolution, What is 4k Resolution

Learn Everything You Need to Know About 4k Resolution

4K refers to the new standardized high definition resolution for displays. The resolution, in the digital parlance, means pixels that compose the picture on the screen. 4Kis the latest sensation in the world of technology, that is set to revolutionize the television viewing experience for consumers across the globe.

It is estimated that by the year 2020 over 50 percent of US households will use 4K resolution enabled television sets. 4K also referred to as 4K resolution, is the horizontal display resolution of over 4000 pixels. Technically, 4K means the number of pixels horizontally on the screen.

4k Resolution
It has about 4000 pixels horizontally and about 2000 pixels vertically. The 4K technology uses high definition resolutions of 3840 x 2160 or 4096 x 2160 pixels to create greater visual detailing and more immersive viewing experience for the television audience. For those who are as yet uninitiated in the digital world, a greater number of pixels means better quality of pictures.

In simple terms, it means that your 4k televisions sets create clearer pictures using more pixels on the screen. The 4k resolutions used in large screen television sets provide far greater picture clarity and sharpness than the traditional high definition television screens. 4K television sets also go by the name Ultra HD TVs. This game-changing display technology has upped the level of visual detailing for its television viewers.

What is 4k Resolution

4K resolution versus Full HD Television

  • High definition technology using 1080 pixels can offer great picture quality for up to 65inches television screens. For screen sizes larger than 65 inches, standard HD technology fails to deliver the desired picture quality. Even with larger television screens, 4Kresolution offers detailed images and sustained picture quality. So, if you want to buy a TV at 50 inches or above, go for 4K technology.
  • 4K offers greatly enhanced visual video quality on large-sized screens. It significantly reduces the appearance of pixel structures on screen, even when seated close to the screen.
  • The higher pixel density of 4K resolution enables a closer viewing experience for the audience than traditional HD sets. With the traditional HD sets, the appearance of pixel structures on screen makes it impossible to enjoy a close viewing experience. 4k allows sitting in closer proximity to the TV than the standard High Definition TV. Less viewing distance means a more immersive experience.
4k Resolution TV
  • 4K using 3840 x 2160p enables greater detailing and greater detailing means more fun. 4K is four times larger and better than a 1080p TV.
  • 4K promises sharper pictures and more immersive experience than HD TVs for its viewers. It uses four times more pixels than the high definition television
  • 4K is now a popular choice among consumers for their home theatre television set.

4K implementation and broadcasting

  • Majority of streaming sources including Netflix, Amazon, and Vudu offer 4k media content. On the satellite front, Direct TV and Dish TV broadcast a limited selection of pre-recorded and live 4K Content.
4k Monitor Resolution
  • For those subscribing to over-the-air TV broadcasting, 4K resolution is yet to catch up. Although in countries like South Korea and Japan, 4K TV broadcasts are already implemented with success, in the US its implementation is still underway. 4K has not made its foray into US broadcast TV
  • Implementation of 4K resolution does not, for now, render 1080p HD TV obsolete. However, with increased production of 4K television screens and the subsequent price drop, HDTV is soon to fall out of favor with consumers. And just as with any other technological revolution, 4K may soon become the default TV broadcast standard.
  • Gaming consoles like PS4 PRO and Xbox One X offer games at the 4k format. Video cards produced in recent years also support games in 4K content.

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