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What is Amazon Prime? Get the Full Run-Down!

by Rachel M.

Amazon Prime, What is Amazon Prime

Everything You Need to Know about Amazon Prime!

Since it first went public in 1997, Amazon has become the largest e-commerce and cloud services provider in the world. The company now ship products all over the world, and it is only rivaled by giants, like AliExpress, in terms of sales and revenue stream. To keep customers coming back for more, Amazon offers not only sales and affordable goods, but also a special membership program called Amazon Prime. If you heard of this plan and you are thinking about joining, now you can find out everything you want to know about what is Amazon Prime.

So, what is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a paid Amazon service that offers its members special perks. The membership costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year. Aside from special perks and sales prices, Amazon Prime members enjoy quick shipping services (goods are delivered between 1-2 days).

Why subscribe to Amazon Prime?

Now that you have the overall picture of what is Amazon Prime, it's time to break down the perks the membership provides you:

Amazon Prime Pantry:

What is Amazon Prime Pantry? Is a special service that provides its users with access to low-cost pet care items, groceries, and household items. You can become a member of Amazon Prime Pantry for $4.99 a month – an added cost for Amazon Prime. When you shop for items that cost more than $40, you will not be charged with delivery fees. If you shop for items for less than $40, you will need to pay a shipping fee for the amount of $7.99.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Pantry deliveries are available all across the US, aside from Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Free two-day shipping: select location in the contiguous U.S. enjoy a free two-day speedy delivery. There are additional Amazon Prime delivery perks you can find out about right HERE.

Prime Now: there are tens of thousands of items that can be delivered within the hour in select locations in the US. These speedy deliveries are available at local stores in the delivery regions. Amazon keeps expanding the number of locations that can receive the Prime Now service, so keep posted on the website to find out if you are eligible for the service.

Amazon Prime Entertainment

Aside from delivery and sales perks, Amazon Prime members can also enjoy several entertainment benefits:

  • Prime Music – free access to countless playlists with over a million songs. And the best thing is that the music is ad-free!
  • Prime Video – unlimited streaming services for TV shows and movies. As a member, you can add subscriptions to Starz, Showtime, AMC, and other streaming channels. Amazon keeps adding content to its Prime Video service, so make sure you are updated on the latest add-ins to the service.
  • Video Add-On Subscriptions – for those of you who want to build your content library – this is the feature for you. With Video Add-On Subscriptions, you can use third-party streaming apps to build your very own content library.
  • Prime Videos – unlimited photo storage in the Amazon Cloud Drive. The service is secured, so you can rest assured that your photos won't be hacked so easily.
  • Free games – Amazon Prime also offers several free games you can enjoy with the Twitch Prime subscription.  
  • Kindle Lending Library – a unique online lending library for all the Kindle-lovers who are members of Amazon Primes. The library is currently available to US Amazons members only.
What is Amazon Prime

Saving Money with Amazon Prime

While the perks listed above are something to consider when joining Amazon Prime, the saving and discounts are why the plan has over 100 million subscribers:

  • Discounts and deals: those of you who have a family will definitely enjoy the Prime Family discounts that will save you up to 20% on diapers, baby food, baby registries, and much more.  
  • Video games: all the gamers out there will enjoy this discount very much: the video games discount available on Amazon prime provides members with $10 credits on pre-orders of select video games.
  • Prime Early Access: lightning deals are a great way to save money on Amazon, but the products are often gone before you know it. With Amazon early access, members get 30-minute early access to lightning deals on the website. Also, members get early access to events on the website.
  • Kindle first: the Kindle First perk allows Amazon Prime members with early access to new books every month. Also, members can download a free book every month from the Kindle First picks.
  • Amazon Rewards Visa Card: Amazon Prime members who have an Amazon Rewards Visa Card can get back 5% on Amazon purchases, 2% back at gas stations, restaurants, and drugstores, and 1% back on other charges. Also, you can get 5% back on Whole Foods purchases while non-prime members get 3% back in the grocery chain of stores.
What is Amazon Prime pantry

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime members have enjoyed a special sales day devoted entirely to them since 2015 thanks to Amazon Prime Day. Why is this day so special? Because sellers on Amazon offer even more sales than usual. On Prime Day, which is usually held in the summer, Amazon Prime Members get 100,000 exclusive deals that other Amazon users do not get.

Amazon offers its users with millions of products they can easily purchase online. To make the online shopping experience even better, Amazon offers an exclusive membership with Amazon Prime. With all the discounts and perks available for members, Amazon Prime is definitely something to consider. So, if are a frequent shopper on Amazon, or you want to get all the perks that come with the membership, sign up when you want. The terms and perks change from time to time, so make sure you know about all the goodies you can get, and enjoy the membership plan throughout the year.


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