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Get to Know BuzzFeed-One of the Most Popular Websites Today!

by Garry S.

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What is BuzzFeed? Overview of BuzzFeed

If you are someone who wants her/his daily fill of juicy news, your go-to place has to be Buzzfeed. The company founded by Jonah Peretti and John S Johnson III provides viral content. Let us look at what Buzzfeed is about and an overview of this US news and entertainment website.

Quick Information about BuzzFeed
The internet has over 50 million people logging on every single day, and Buzzfeed has made quite an impression with the mixed types of informative content available. This is not run of the mill stuff that you get on other internet websites; if that is what you are looking for, you are in the wrong place. Buzzfeed offers something off the cuff, with real news leaving you wanting more.

Wide Range of Information
Buzzfeed has quite a range in its section, from politics, books, health, science, reviews and much more. Take for instance the epic stand by Gaga who displayed a great deal of courage as she spoke up for Kesha in her fight against Dr. Luke who was taken to court for sexual misconduct. Or with information about Kamala Harris standing for president. Something about President Trump or about Jussie Smollet who was attacked and the range is phenomenal.


Guess the Answers
The BuzzFeed quizzes section is so fun that people across age groups may indulge in some light quizzing. Given the fact that it generates considerable interest, people stay put on the site for more. In this regard, the numbers of visitors to the site increase as the days went by and given that this is a light way to get past the drudgery of the day, it is cool.  

What’s Trending
The BuzzFeed news trending section provides you with the latest news. Take this snippet, for instance, a poll for anyone who is single or married, or about how Priyanka Chopra told Ellen what she and Nick did when they started dating, and the list goes on. Buzzfeed has a little bit of this and that to keep the viewer and reader gripped with the informative content available.

Defining Force
To quote Kazz Lazerow, the Buddy Media co-founder Buzzfeed is the defining media company for the social age. The mélange of gossip, pictures, breaking news, trivia, keep conversations afloat and the giggles a constant. Animal pictures are a light-hearted take on people in public spaces and entice a wide reader base. Everyone is competitive. Buzzfeed may or may not head the charts, but it is up there.  In the US there are over 180 people working in the company. As the company and the wide range of information keep on going, Buzzfeed is serious competition.

What is BuzzFeed

The Work Protocol
The company, unlike others, makes their money through advertorials, which keeps the firm afloat. Big names like Nike, MTV, and Coca-Cola have sponsored adverts on the site. With the wide reach that the digital news site brings to the fore, advertisers get a huge win for their advertisements. Ardent journalists may not prescribe to this brand of news, but they do visit the site! Some channels opine that content put up on their sites are used and splashed around to create fluff to get a laugh out of people. But at the end of the day, anything that keeps the viewer gripped will continue to thrive.

BuzzFeed in Essence
Whether Buzzfeed is a new way forward in journalism is anyone’s guess. As long as there is authentic and factual reportage available to the public, they will lap up the information. Add a bit of fun to the picture, like so with BuzzFeed and more will stay plugged into the website. It gives the reader/viewer something that can remain the topic of the day.


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