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Get Familiar with the Addictive Color Switch Game!

by Kelly B.

Color Switch, Color Switch Game

Kids Are Playing Color Switch? Find Out Exactly What it is 

In the age of Facebook and Instagram, there is one obsession, other than social media, that catches the eye of every kid, teenager, and even an adult.

Mobile phone games.

Days of Play stations and PSPs still exist, but the audience to this form of games is limited. But mobile phone games are extremely popular among users because of various reasons like;

  • Free download;
  • Easily accessible; and
  • As addictive as Kent’s Fried Chicken.

All popular games have phases. They gain momentum with the users in a jiffy and lose it as quickly too. But there is one game with a never-ending phase going on ever since its launch. That game us Color Switch. It is an extremely popular game that is available for free on the play store/app store and rightly so!

Color Switch

The game may look easy at first but a first time user in his first game will understand the opposite. It is a simple game where the user is supposed to just pass through rotating rings, divided into different colors, synchronizing with the color of the small ball that you’re playing with. So if the color of your ball is pink, then you have the tap the ball through the circle at the same moment when it’s near the pink division of the ring.

There are levels to this game. As you pass your colorful ball through one hoop, you cross one level, and it keeps going upwards. But there are so many catches to this game;

  • As you go further up the pro level, the obstacles in the game start to increase. So initially if it was easy for you to pass through the hoop without any obstruction, the game will pass through all kinds of obstacles in front of you. For example, after you reach one level, the game will introduce blades and fire hose at you increase the difficulty level.
Color Switch Game
  • Also as you progress in the game, the shapes, that were initially hoops, will change into triangles, crosses, squares, and even stars, completely throwing off your perspective towards the game.
  • Then the color of the ball also keeps changing as and when required. This may happen as you transition from one level to another or through a wild color changing ball of a point that you gather as you are playing.
  • To add to all these intricacies, the objects that the ball is supposed to pass through may sometimes be so closely placed that unless you are really skilled at this game, you will lose.

It is clear by now that Color Switch is more than just a game. It requires immense patience, skill, and perspective. There are both pros and cons to it;

  • If and when a user becomes good at this game the level of satisfaction and peace of mind he gets from crossing a benchmark or his high score is unbelievable. It acts as a stress buster for many. It also helps in keeping focus and concentration intact as the game requires the user’s one hundred percent attention.
  • As mentioned earlier, this game requires patience. But several cases of rage quitting have been reported where the user got frustrated and quit the game because he is unable to cross that one level he has been stuck on for days. It is hard to imagine that a game could have such an aggressive impact on a person, but it does.

The game is also multi-faceted. It has different modes in which a user can play. According to these modes, the theme of the game changes and the user can get a new gaming experience altogether in one place!


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