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What Is Emotional Warfare and How Can It Affect You?

by Alvin V.

Emotional Warfare, Emotional Warfare Meaning

Emotional Warfare Defined and How to Deal with It?

Emotional warfare meaning emotionally insensitive behavior towards another is becoming more and more common with the passing day. If you happen to find yourself subject to it, know that it can have various damaging consequences for your life if you do not deal with it effectively. In our article, we discuss what mental warfare means, how psychological warfare in everyday life is waged and the psychological warfare tactics employed by toxic people. Read on, to learn more.

What Is Emotional Warfare?

Emotional warfare refers to the covert tactics people sometimes use to cause you to harm or subject you to violence. They may not want to get into a direct confrontation or a physical altercation, so they try to make you feel inadequate, stressed or jealous by waging mental warfare against you.

It is a form of psychological warfare where an individual/group uses planned psychological methods to evoke a desired psychological outcome from you. Psychological Warfare in everyday life is used to reinforce behavior or induce a confession, aligned with the objectives of the one initiating this mental warfare. It is also used to destroy another’s morale.

While psychological warfare tactics have been used for a long time, the advent of mass communication and the Internet, especially, has made it easier to implement emotional warfare by spreading falsities and untruths.

Emotional Warfare

How to Recognize Signs of Emotional Warfare?

Mental warfare is usually organized by high-conflict individuals. These individuals may/may not be suffering from a mental health issue. In order to tell if you are being subject to psychological warfare in everyday life, look out for these following warning signs –

  • They try to pass off injurious behavior as altruism – Manipulative people commonly pass off their manipulation as being in your best interests. Their actions, may, in fact, be harmful to you but they will find ways to make you believe that they were only acting altruistically, without thinking about their personal gain – which is a lie.
  • They won’t think twice before taking advantage of your kindness – Emotionally abusive individuals find it amusing to play on your sympathies. They know that they can exploit your sympathies most easily to get what they want.
what is Emotional Warfare
  • They try to gain from your guilt – Some people are more prone to guilt than others. Toxic people are seldom prone to experiencing guilt. If they need something from you, they will probably try to emotionally coerce you into meeting their need, irrespective of how this may affect you. They are usually the type of people that will never think of returning a favor either.

It doesn’t matter how charming the person exhibiting these warning signs are, they are still fighting a mental war against you. Remember, emotionally abusive people are seldom boring. The reason they are able to weasel favors out of another is that they are highly charming and flattering. If you suspect you are being a victim to psychological warfare in everyday life, you should evaluate whether you are being subject to the above psychological warfare tactics before calling out the person/persons for their mental abuse.

How to Deal with Psychological Warfare Tactics?

Now that you are aware of emotional warfare meaning and have a grasp on how it is carried out, you need to know how to battle it. Simply knowing the emotional warfare meaning will not help. You are better positioned to act against these insidious mental abuse tactics, once you can recognize them. Emotional warfare meaning-making you feel bad about yourself can be exercised by numerous people in your lives. Identify these people and severe any connection with them to lead a happier and healthier life.


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