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Flickr Explained: Find Out More About the Photo Sharing Platform

by Garry S.

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What is Flickr and How to Use Flickr?

Flickr is a photo-sharing and hosting service with a wide range of advanced and powerful features. Its active user base is an active and engaged community where people can share and explore each other’s photo. The amount of space that Flickr gives you for free can allow you to host hundreds of pictures and videos. Flickr also allows you to pinpoint on maps the exact location where you took the pictures, organize them into sets or groups and other exciting new features.

The active community of Flickr consists of photographers who share their exploits with a camera and view beautiful work by other passionate photographers. One could feel intimidated by the beauty captured by many of the people of Flickr, but you need not, as they frequently share techniques in post-processing. It can vastly improve your knowledge and confidence in your photography. In case you were worried about your work being exploited, Flickr has got you covered. They layer an invisible transparent image over your images; if someone right-clicks to download it, the transparent image is saved instead.

How to Use Flickr

Download the Flickr App onto your mobile phone. After you log in to Flickr with your email id, these are a few of the features you will use

1. Photostream: The first thing that Flickr takes you to when you log in to your account or click someone’s name, with the newest photo at the top.

2. Sets: A set of images that the user can choose to put under any category like “Juhu Beach, Mumbai 2018

3. Collections: These are nothing but folders for our sets. For instance, you can add the set above to a collection called “Mumbai Vacation, 2018”. You can also make them by specific interests in photography like “portraits,” or “Food.”

4. Favorites: When you are on Flickr, apart from uploading and organizing your amazing photos, you also get to see other people’s work. If you happen to like someone’s photo, you add him to your favorites.

5. Profile: This is where other users can get to know about you. Remember that when you click on someone’s account, it takes you to their Photostream and not the profile. On Flickr, it’s all about the photos.

6. You: While viewing your own Photostream, click on the ‘You’ tab to see a dropdown list of your sets, collections, favorites etc.

Flickr Creative Commons

7. Organize: This is where the best features of Flickr come to life. It is from here that you can organize your photographs into sets and collections by simply dragging and dropping. Flickr offers you 1 TB of storage for your photos and videos. This feature helps you keep all those photos and videos accessible at the tip of your fingertips.

8. Groups: Different users can join different groups depending on their affinity for certain techniques and topics for photography. There are many discussion threads where people ask and answer a myriad of questions. Participating in these groups can give you priceless nuggets of wisdom from across the globe to help you take your photography to the next level. Before you know it, your photo might just be on the featured on the front page of Flickr.

9. Explore: This area is just as dangerous as Instagram and perhaps more exciting. It is a continuous stream that is updated of rare and exciting photographs to kick your creative juices into the next year. The algorithms suggest photos based on the pictures you favorite and the Groups that you are in. From here you can find and interact with other extremely talented like-minded people. But, this can also be a trap, once you start; you are only going to be sucked in deeper with the number of beautiful photographs people have uploaded.


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