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What is a Juvenile Detention Center?

by Eddie V.

Juvenile Detention Center, Juvenile Detention Center Near Me

Juvenile Detention Center Explained

The criminal justice system in the United States is also referred to as a juvenile detention center or a youth detention center. It is a prison meant for all such people who are minors and are often known as juvenile delinquents. These people been ordered for prison time or are waiting for the trial to be completed.

Juveniles go through the juvenile court or an entire court system. The court either commits or sentences juveniles to a specific facility or a program. In other words, a juvenile detention center is a place where minors may be held for a temporary period of time while waiting for a court hearing or are going through a sentence after a decision is made by the court.

Juvenile detention center

Many youths have to stay at such a center as they committed certain unlawful or illegal acts such as murder, public disturbances, drug-related crimes, property crimes, or violent offenses. A small fraction of these detainees stays there for committing what is referred to as status offenses. These are certain acts, which are not illegal for adults but youths. Such acts could be running away from their houses or truancy.

Juvenile Detention Center

While there are some juveniles who may continue to reside in their communities, they may have to undergo certain community-based special rehabilitative programs. Some others can be regarded as to be at a higher risk of harming others or themselves. So, a juvenile detention center is the most suitable place for such people.

Youths who commit unlawful acts are not treated in the same manner as adult offenders as their requirements are distinct and are still developing.

To sum up, the key goal of any juvenile detention center is to safeguard, rehabilitate, and educate young people to make sure that they make positive changes in their lives.

How a person arrives at such a center?

A majority of juveniles are transferred to these centers by the cops and are usually taken through a safe entrance. Many of these juveniles have to undergo security checks through metal detectors and pat-downs. Once some general information is extracted from the juvenile, they take a shower and are given bedding, given a room, and issued clothes. While facilities might not be the same, many of them have separate cells and dormitory areas separated by gender.

Juvenile Detention Center Near Me

Life at juvenile centers

The way things operate in a usual juvenile detention center will depend on a particular facility. Every detention center has its distinct daily schedule, but a majority of them go through a similar pattern. For instance, in Georgia, the youths living at the detention centers start their day by dressing up and making their beds. After that, they have their breakfast and clean the rooms, which are then inspected. They start classes that last for about 330 minutes every day. These classes comprise academic instruction, physical education, and lunch.

Once the classes get over, the juveniles have to devote time undergoing therapies like alcohol group, drug, anger management, intervention training, and family focus group.

After completing dinner, these youths spend time in leisure actives under supervision. These activities can be practicing arts and crafts, enjoy scheduled visitation, or watching television. As can be understood, the day in a juvenile detention center is a highly-structured one from the time the young people get up till their bedtime.

Every facility has its own distinct visitation rules. However, all of them are likely to have visiting hours for man evenings every week. At the same time, these visits are typically short and last for about 20-30 minutes. Ideally, only legal guardians and parents are permitted to visit a detention center without obtaining approval from a counselor. However, mental health counselors and other service providers can visit the inmates anytime they feel essential.


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