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What is Mortgage Refinance and How does it Work?

by Garry S.

Mortgage Refinance, What is Mortgage Refinance

Mortgage Refinance Explained

Refinancing a mortgage is the process of procuring a fresh mortgage in place of the original mortgage (often referred to as a 'second mortgage'). It is basically undertaken in order to enable borrowers to get a better interest rate and terms. The money procured can be used to pay off the first loan triggering the creation of the second loan rather than just creating a fresh mortgage and discarding the original mortgage.

If the credit history of the borrowers is perfect, refinancing is a great way for the conversion of a variable rate of a loan to a fixed one so that interest can be obtained at a lower rate. However, refinancing can be risky for those borrowers whose credit history is bad or not perfect. 

Defining mortgage refinancing

It is the technique of getting a fresh mortgage in order to bring down the interest rate, lower monthly payments, make big purchases by taking cash out of the home, or to switch over to a different mortgage company. A majority of people opt for mortgage refinancing if there is equity on their home, the difference in amount between what they owe to their mortgage company and their home's worth. 

Mortgage Refinance

Benefits of mortgage refinancing

A top benefit of mortgage refinancing irrespective of the equity is to reduce the prevailing rate of interest. It has been observed that as many borrowers have an upward career and start earning more money, it is possible to make their bill payment on time. Thus, their credit scores improve, triggering their ability to get loans at lower interest rates. As such, several people opt for mortgage refinancing.

When they have to pay a lower rate of interest, there is a profound impact on their monthly payments, thus saving hundreds of bucks annually. Mortgage refinancing enables these set of borrowers to purchase points for lowering their interest rate. As a lower rate of interest means paying less, the person ends up paying less for his or her home overall. 

Another key benefit of mortgage refinancing is to procure funds for making large purchases like four wheelers or even to lower their credit card debts. Such people do it by mortgage refinancing in order to take equity out of their house.

What is Mortgage Refinance

How does mortgage refinancing work?

When you feel that mortgage refinancing is a sensible decision for you, you can study some of the leading mortgage lenders on the market in order to finalize one, which can offer you the most beneficial terms. At the same time, make an attempt to shop mortgage lenders within a period of fourteen to thirty days so that the effect on your overall credit score can be minimized. 

Prior to shopping for your mortgage refinancing, collect all the relevant documents that are required for submitting your applications. There are several such occasions when the borrower needs to submit their W-2 forms or tax returns as their income proof.

Borrowers also have to share their homeowners' insurance' copies, brokerage or bank statements, as well as other financial documents such as their title insurance. It is also possible for a borrower to begin and even complete the overall application process online in some cases. 

Second Mortgage

A lender should share a Loan Estimate, which has a mention of the rough closing costs, monthly payments and the terms of their new loan with 3 working days of getting such an application. These forms can be used by a person to make a comparison between the offers from various mortgage lenders and determine the one to opt for. 

In all, a mortgage refinancing usually takes a time period of 45 days from the day an application is made to getting the approval. The reason is even after giving the nod to an offer, the prospective borrower has to schedule a day for their home appraisal. On the other hand, the said lender has to review the supporting documents and the application closely. Once the process of underwriting is complete, the applicant gets their new loan's official terms and can finalize the deal. 

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