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What Is a Pleading in the Justice System?

by Alvin V.

What Is a Pleading, What Is a Responsive Pleading

What Is a Pleading in Law?

As a citizen of the country, it is crucial to know about the various terminologies used in courts. You would have come across legal pleading in many areas – movies, TV shows, books, and if you or another person files a lawsuit.

By knowing the meaning of what is a pleading in law, you will have a better understanding of what is its purpose and use in the court.

What Is Pleading?

When you file a lawsuit, it doesn’t become a trial in the court immediately. Every party who is part of the case will have to submit formal written declarations. Known as legal pleading, it entails legal defenses, allegations, and factual claims. In other words, what is a legal pleading in law constitutes of the parties who are part of the lawsuit to provide their versions of what took place.

It is possible for the plaintiff or defendant changing the legal pleading. As a result, the other party has to provide an answer to this amendment.

What Is a Pleading
What Is a Responsive Pleading?

However, when it comes to the question – what is a responsive pleading, the answer is different. It refers to the formal declaration a party makes, as an answer to the factual claims of the opponent.

As part of the question, what is a responsive pleading, one party will make concise and short factual statements? The complainant will raise issues, which the opposing group has to answer.

As per the Federal Administrative Procedure Act, you can understand the question - what is a responsive pleading? It refers to the responsive pleadings which the private parties take action. If these individuals fall under the moving party group, the opposition must deny the claims via law or facts. The same rule dictates that failure to do so by the opposing party, the statements by the complaint will become true. However, the court can take an opposite stance on the claims, if it becomes evident that they are false.

Most people tend to confuse themselves between what is a pleading and what is a responsive pleading, as they sound similar. The feature which distinguishes the two is that the latter only refers to the one-party responding to the merits present in the other party’s allegations.

However, every group has the right to ignore the statements. Instead, they can use other tactics, forcing the courts in the country to dismiss the lawsuit for various reasons. One example is to state that the legal body has no jurisdiction over the lawsuit.

What Is a Responsive Pleading
What Is a Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings?

Now that you are aware of the answer to the question – what is a pleading in law; the next step is to understand – what is a motion for judgment on the pleadings?

As per the legal definition, what is a motion for judgment on the pleadings refers to the request made by the party. The purpose is to get the court to rule in favor of this group, according to the legal pleadings. However, it asks the court to do so, without accepting the provided evidence.

It tends to take place when the court has to make a decision on the case, depending on how it interprets the law.

Most of the time, what is a motion for judgment on the pleadings come into play, to dismiss baseless defenses or claims by the opposition. When the complainant shows that everything that comes under what is a pleading doesn’t have any merit.

It will only take place after the parties admit all the allegations which come under what is a pleading in law. 

Now that you have the answer to what is a pleading, you will be in a better position to understand the operations which take place in court.


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