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How Does Reverse Email Search Work?

by Keren P.

Reverse Email Search, Reverse Email Lookup

Reverse Email Search: How to Perform a Reverse Email Lookup?

It often happens that a person fails to identify the sender of an email. The sender might be a relative, an old friend, a colleague, just an acquaintance or maybe a stranger. There is no sufficient information in the email to identify the sender, and it feels rude to ask. It is human nature to investigate further to know who the person is, before continuing with the conversation. One might wonder if there is a way to find the identity of the person with an email.

What is a reverse email search?

A reverse email search or reverse email lookup is a technique that is used to find people using their email address. With the help of reverse email lookup, it is easy to find almost everything about the person, that he/she has uploaded on the internet, using their email id. The email sender will not be notified that they are being explored.

How does reverse email search work?

Several ways are using which the identity of the person sending the mail can be identified. These methods include

  • Reverse email search using social media: Facebook has millions of users and still counting. It is the best place to find information about people. The search box provided by Facebook allows the user to search for people using their email address. If the sender of the email is using the same email address to access Facebook, his or her name will appear in the search result. The sender's basic information is also made available. There is a glitch in this method. Facebook has privacy settings that allow the user to disallows people to search them using their email address.
Reverse Email Search

There are other social media like Facebook that connect people. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and such, allow the user to look for people using their email address. The chances of finding the sender of the email through one of the social media are high.

  • Reverse email search using email client: A dedicated email client automatically extracts all details on the sender of the email and display it right beside the email. It is the best way to keep track of who is sending the email. There is no need to do a sophisticated search as the information needed is already provided. Email clients such as Polymail and MailBird look directly for the sender information and present it to the user.
  • Reverse email search using browser extension: Several browser extensions helps the user to find the sender information. The extension provides the user information about the sender right beside the email. Browser extensions such as ‘full contact', ‘sidekick', ‘' and such, work well with most email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. They work flawlessly and provide information that can be used to identify the email sender.
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  • Reverse email search using reverse email search engines: Several reverse email search engines allow the user to find information about the sender of an email unidentifiable by the user. The only major drawback of reverse email search engines is that they are a paid service. The user will not know if the search is successful until the results of the search are paid for. EmailSherlock, Social Catfish, Pipl and Spokeo are some of the reverse email search engines using which the person can look up for the identity of the email. All reverse mail search engines have different parameters. The results of the search will differ depending on the service that the user is using. It is mostly a trial and error method since the user does not know which will provide accurate data, without paying.

Reverse Email Lookup and public records

If you want, you can perform a reverse email lookup by yourself, but the results may take a while; to perform this type of check, you need to contact official authorities in the state where the person you are searching lives in. Such authorities have official records about residents, some of which are available to the public. Searching for public records allows you to get information about people based on their email number, but an independent search is a little tricky; first of all, you need to contact every authority that maintains public records, like courts, police agencies, health departments, etc. Afterward, you will need to provide the name of the person you are searching so that the authorities can provide public records information about him/her.

With a reverse email number search, it can be difficult. Why? Because people may provide you with a false name or an alias, which makes it difficult for authorities to perform the search.

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Once you provide the name of a particular person, you will be required to pay for the search service, and also for getting copies of the public records. The fees for public record searches vary from one state to the other, so you need to find out how much you are required to pay for each search. Once you pay, the search will begin, and the authorities will provide you with public records data between several days to several weeks.

So, if you need quick results, an independent search might not be the best search option. On the other hand, if you use an online reverse email lookup, you will get quick results at fixed rates. The information you find on professional websites is also based on public records, so it is accurate and reliable. With this type of online search, you will be able to discover about people's criminal past, their real name, aliases, arrest records, contact information, marriage records, birth records, birth records, divorce records, and much more. The data allows you to protect yourself, and it is the most important role of a reverse email lookup.



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