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Vero Social App: Get to Know the Latest Social Media Craze

by Kelly B.

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What is Vero?

Instagram has taken the world by storm and is now worth over $100 billion. This is more than 100 times what it was worth when Facebook bought it in 2012. However, due to a recent change in Instagram’s algorithm, people have started switching to Vero. What is Vero?

Vero is the newest kid on the block in terms of social media apps. It’s main selling points are that it’s ad-free and the posts are organized chronologically. This is different from Facebook and Instagram where the algorithm decides what’s displayed first and what’s not. Vero is starting to get popular because many Instagram influencers have begun complaining about a drop in likes and similar engagement recently.

Vero isn’t the first app which has tried to stand up to the might of Instagram and Facebook. There have been many others such as Ello, Mastodon, Sarahah and so on. However, those apps faded away almost as quickly as they jumped into the scene.

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Vero’s name is taken from the Italian word which means truth. It is an app which is focused on video and images and is quite similar to Instagram. This has made it popular among photographers, social media influencers and videographers. It’s also popular amongst early adopters because of how its posts are displayed. Many people hate an algorithm choosing content for them. They’d rather see content as and when it appears in the right order because they retain some control then. This is where Vero excels. It also helps that the app doesn’t make revenue on advertisements.

How does Vero make money?

In the past, Vero said that its first million users would get free access to the app. After passing the million mark, Vero changed its stance saying that it would extend its free for life offer because of service interruptions until further notice.

Vero plans to generate revenue through user subscriptions instead of advertisements which keeps the app ad-free. They have argued that their customers are users and not advertisers. Apps such as Facebook and Instagram generate significant revenue through advertisements.

What’s the controversy surrounding Vero about?

Vero’s CEO has had an uncomfortable history. Ayman Hariri was tied to Saudi Oger which is a now-defunct construction company. What’s troubling is that 31,000 workers sued Saudi Oger over unpaid wages. The matter was closed when a Saudi court forced the company to pay the workers their wages. However, this caused the collapse of Oger as it dealt with billions of dollars of debt.

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Ayman Hariri has sent documents to The Verge showing that he divested from Oger in 2014. However, people are still suspicious.

There are also concerns that a lot of Vero’s employees are Russian. People are uncomfortable trusting a social media app with potential Russian ties after Russia’s attempts to influence the 2016 United States presidential election. Plenty of people have also pointed out a lack of gender diversity on Vero’s team.

Is Vero right for you?

It depends on what you’re comfortable with. Are you comfortable with Facebook and Instagram pointing ads in your direction as well as curate your feed? If you’re not, you should give Vero a try. If you’re uncomfortable about Vero’s past, you should stay clear of it until all allegations have been investigated.

You should also be aware of the fact that nothing in life is free. If something is free, it means that you are the product. It is hard to live in the 21st century without using Googles services as well as the reach of social media. However, you should remember that when you’re not with cash, you’re paying with your personal information.


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