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What is a Voided Check?

by Keren P.

Voided Check, What is a Voided Check

Learn What is a Voided Check and How to Void a Check!
Many insituations, land lords, and credit lenders require a Voided Check, but What Is a Voided Check Exactly? 

Voided checks are those checks that have the word VOID written across their front side. It does not matter whether the check is blank or if there are some words written on the check. As long as the word VOID appears on the front of the check, it is deemed to be a voided check and it won’t be accepted for payment. The only thing a VOIDED check can do is provide some information required for electronic payments.

When you void a check, you are disabling it and preventing it from being used as a blank check. So, if a thief manages to steal your voided check he or she won’t be able to write out a check to anyone else.  Voided checks are generally used to provide banking info allowing a person to set up an electronic link with their bank account. A voided check is asked for because it contains a number of pieces of information about your bank including:

  • The place where you bank
  • Your bank account number
  • A code (routing number) identifying your bank
Voided Check

Your voided check has numbers on the bottom that are used when depositing or withdrawing money. Voided checks are used for:

  • Directly depositing funds into your account. So, when your employer needs to electronically deposit funds in your account, they will require your account information which is printed on your check.
  • Set up payments. If you no longer want to write out checks for various reasons, then you will need to furnish a voided check which is used to set up automatic electronic payments.
  • Correct errors, if you make an error when writing out a check, then you need to void or destroy that check. Remember, that it is risky to keep a partially filled out check and so make sure you void it to prevent the check from being misused.
What is a Voided Check

How to void a check?

It is easy to void a check. Simply remove a check from your checkbook and write the word VOID on the front of the check in large characters. When writing the word VOID on the check make sure you use letters that are large in size and well-spaced out. The letters need to be both tall as well as wide enough to cover the entire front of the check. However, make sure you do not cover the banking information provided at the bottom of the check.

When writing the word VOID on the check also make sure you use a dark pen or you can also use a fine marker. The thicker the pen, the better it is. Just make sure you make it nearly impossible for a thief to erase or cover the VOID mark on the check. Failing to do so means the thief will be in possession of a blank check. When making a voided check, it is also a good idea to note down in your check register what you have done with the check to know where it has gone.

How to Void a Check

What happens when you void a check?

After voiding a check, the recipient can then copy down the banking information on your check and enter it into their system. In an ideal scenario, the voided check should then be shredded so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Shredding the voided check also means that nobody else can retrieve your banking information. If somebody requests you to provide them with a voided check, then you can make a standard photocopy of it or you can take a picture of it with your phone and give that to the person requesting a voided check.

Why should you void a check?

Voiding a check means that the check is no longer valid. It cannot be treated as a blank check. However, even if you void a check, it is possible for it to be used to gain information about your account.

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