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What is Yahoo? Yahoo 101

by Eddie V.

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What is Yahoo? Yahoo 101

Yahoo! is a search engine, subject directory, and a web portal. Standford students, Jerry Yang, and David Filo started Yahoo! in February 1994. They named the search engine, “Jerry and David’s guide to the world wide web”, in the beginning, and later renamed it Yahoo. The term, "yahoo", is an acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle", or "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle".  Yahoo rapidly grew throughout the 1990s. Yahoo! was designed to help internet users find relevant websites. It soon became one of the top search engines in the world and added a web portal. Now Yahoo’s homepage is the fourth most visited website in the entire world. You can find breaking news, sports news, local weather, trending topics, an email client and more than a dozen links to other useful and interesting content. Millions of people set Yahoo as their internet homepage. They also use Yahoo’s free email service, and it is one of the most popular email platforms.

The most popular ways in which people use Yahoo.

1. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo's most popular service is its free email service. When you sign up for an account on Yahoo, you immediately receive an email address with "", with an inbox. You can send emails across to whoever you want. You can even attach files, pictures, videos etc. and send them to your friends, family, co-workers and others. There is a calendar tool that is also available to program and set reminders about important events.


2. Yahoo News portal

Yahoo News is a homepage that shows an array of stories and top news that may be local, national or international that includes breaking news stories and headlines. Yahoo gathers the most interesting news articles and publications by various journalists, so everyone is bound to find something interesting.

3. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo finance has all the information about the latest news on financial markets. Its collection of financial news is unbiased and up to date. You can find out what is going on in the stock market and read about the economy and personal finance. You can read about every stock that's being traded. You can search for individual stock and get all the relevant information you need to make a personal investment. You can create a portfolio if you have a Yahoo! account.

4. Yahoo Messenger

You can also have access to an instant messaging tool called Yahoo Messenger after you create a Yahoo mail account. You can add contacts and chat with them in real-time, share videos and pictures as well as a voice and video chat.

5. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo has another feature called Yahoo Answers that can find answers to the questions you pose. You can ask every Yahoo User your question and wait for a response. You can rate these answers according to the most relevant answer.

6. Mobile Services.

Yahoo mobile gives you access to its services for email, instant messaging, searches, and mobile blogging. Yahoo uses an Internet search system, called OneSearch, for mobile phones that use the app.

 Yahoo Mail
7. Y! Connect

It enables users to respond and leave comments on online publication boards through their Yahoo ID, without the need to register with individual publications.

Yahoo is not just a search engine and email platform. The Yahoo homepage has information about a variety of topics to keep you interested all day long. The Yahoo Headlines will keep you informed about everything that's happening in the world. It also provides you with information about the weather, entertainment, and answers. Yahoo has all the tools necessary to collect information that you need from the internet.


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