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What to Do When Arrested: The Full Info

by Roni G.

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What to know if you get Arrested?

Getting arrested can be a traumatic experience. There are only a few experiences in life that can be as traumatic as being arrested for a crime. Everything that was yours could be taken away, like your freedom, your clothes, and your identification. You could feel disoriented, scared and helpless.

When you hear the words, “Put your hands behind you.” The first and most straightforward thing to do is doing what you are told. Guarding your rights and interests is essential. Here are ten things that you should consider when you get arrested:

1. Do not try and convince the officer of your innocence 
It is a useless attempt because the police officer only needs “probable cause” to believe you have committed a crime to arrest you. It is highly probable that you may say at least one thing that could hurt your case, perhaps even fatally. Be smart and save your defense for your lawyer.

2. Don’t run
You cannot get very far, even if you intend on running as fast as you can. You cannot possibly outrun ten radio cars converging on a block in mere seconds. Most police officers arrest runners, and there are some who will be angry that they had to work so hard and injure you, the suspect unnecessarily.

Got Arrested

3. Keep quiet
Your lawyer will find it very tough to defend you if you are very talkative.  The judges and jury will discount or ignore what you, a suspect says if it helps your case, but if you say anything that will hurt your case, they will give it great weight.

4. Don’t allow the police officers to search anywhere 
If the police officer asks for permission to search, it means that they don’t have the right to search you and need your consent first.

5. Do not react
When the police officers are searching your car or home, do not look at the places that you wish they wouldn’t search. It is crucial that you do not react to the search at all.

6. Don’t resist arrest
Do not push the police off of you while they are trying to arrest you. That would be considered an assault to an officer. If you cause even a slight injury to them, they will turn your minor misdemeanor arrest into a felony. Physically striking an officer will result in serious injury to you as well.


7. Do not believe everything that the police are telling you
The law permits police officers to lie to a suspect to get you/suspect to admit to something you may or may not have done. There’s a common statement that police officers use, which is, “it will go easier” if you tell them the truth. It makes it easier for the police to prove their case. Its highly unlikely that the prosecutor gives you, the defendant an easier deal because you confessed.

8. Do not invite the police officer inside or step outside, without an arrest warrant
They need an arrest warrant to go into your home to arrest you.

9. After getting arrested, do not accept the offer of being escorted back inside
Don't accept any offers if you get arrested outside your home, do not accept any offers that the police give you. For example, if they let you go inside to get dressed, change, get a jacket, call your wife, or any other reason. The police will use this opportunity to search everywhere they please, without a warrant.

If you are charged with a crime, you should hire an attorney with experience in criminal defense to represent yourself. It is the best way to ensure that your rights are protected and that you obtain the best possible outcome.


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