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Where is My Dad? Locate Your Dad with This tool!

by Ciara C.

Where is My Dad, Find My Dad, Who Is My Dad

How to Find Your Dad

Fathers are important figures in a person's life and their presence or absence can have a tremendous impact on someone's wellbeing and general development. Yet, it is not unusual for children to grow up with only one parent.

Our parents are a part of our basic core, and when one of them is not around, it might feel like something is missing. So if your dad has not been part of your life and there are questions you want answers to, various search methods are available to you. To find your father does not have to be a strenuous and complex process. In fact, it might be easier than you thought. Finding your dad will allow you to get answers to the questions you have, and reconnect with one of the most influential people in a person's life. To help you in that quest, we have put together a few tips below.

How Can I Look Up My Dad?

If you decide to go on a journey to meet your father, you will have to get answers to some important questions that will help you track him down. Gather as much information as possible and write everything down. Here are a few questions you can start with:

  • This might seem obvious but what is his name? Some children do not even know the name of their father, but not only is a name a part of our identities, it is also an essential means for finding information about us. You will be able to track down your dad much more easily if you know his full name (first name and last name), and if possible – his middle name as well.
  • Where does he live/used to live? If you have the current or past state of residence your dad lived in, you will be able to find him more easily.
  • Did he have a phone? Phone numbers can also come in handy when you try to find people, like your father. If you have a phone number that belonged to your father, you will be able to use it to find your dad.
Where is My Dad

Where Can You Get the Information?

People who have never been in touch with their father, or lost contact with him, need the information listed above to find him. To track down the details you need, try to contact the following who could help you:

Friends – if you know the names of your father's old friends, you will increase the chances of finding him. Try to find and contact people your dad new who may know his most current contact information, or be able to provide you one of the identifying details necessary to find him.

Family – Family members can also help you find your father; if your dad has family members you know, contact them and explain what you are trying to do so they will help you.

Business associates — Does your dad own a business? If so, does he have a business partner who can give you more details about his life, or even clients who know him really well.

State authorities – health departments, police stations, local courts, and even adoption agencies can provide you with information regarding your father. Try to contact as many official authorities as you can to gather as much data as you can to find your dad.

Alumni associations – if your dad went to college, there is a great chance that he is on an alumni list. When a person gets on this type of list, he usually stays on it, and colleges even update lists with the most current contact information about alumni. So, you can get in touch with the college or facility your dad went to and find out if they have his most recent contact data.

Army records – army records are another source of credible information you can use to get in touch with your dad. If your dad served in the army, there are probably records of him still available. Like with alumni records, military and army records get updated, so you can find your father's most recent contact information and records that can help you get in touch with him.

Professional licenses — If your dad has a real estate license, pharmaceutical license, FAA pilot license, or other professional licenses, you could find information about him by contacting the relevant administrations.

Find My Dad

How to Use the Information to Find My Dad?

The most efficient way to find your father is to perform a background check. These types of checks are based on public records (official state and local records), so they are accurate and reliable. If you want, you can perform the search on your own. How? First, you will need to contact the authorities in the state where your father lived that maintain public records.

Next, you will need to file a request form (in most cases) with your request, and pay a fee for the search and for the copies of the public records. Once you file the forms and pay the fees, the authorities will retrieve your father's public records. When the search is complete, you will get copies of the records you requested (between days to weeks, depending on the state where the search is performed).

You can also use an online background check directory, like GoLookUp, that will perform the queries for you. The searches on the website take mere moments, so you can get quick answers to the questions you have. Once you enter one detail into GoLookUp's directories, the system will immediately begin to analyze public records, scanning millions of them within minutes. When the search is complete, you will be sent a full report on your father with the available public records data about him, including his contact information, civil details such as if he is married or divorced, or if he has another family, so you can decide if you want to get in touch with him and have the means to.

Who Is My Dad

Look Up My Dad for Free

A lot of people type in "Look up my dad for free" when searching for their father, and they get disappointed with the results; why? Because free search results provide names of free background check websites, and these sites cannot provide full access to public records. Websites that do not charge any usage fees lack the funds necessary for a complete background check. So, when using a free look up my dad websites, you will likely get very limited access to public records and will not get all the background check data.

On the other hand, professional websites, like GoLookUp, will provide you with full access to public records. With a name-based directory, a reverse phone number search, a reverse address search, and a reverse email lookup, you will be able to perform several types of searches until you find your father. So, if you choose to search "look up my dad", do not be tempted by free sites. You have greater chances of tracking down your father with a professional background check website.

Not having a father around is always challenging, and if you decide to search for your dad, you can. By gathering as much information as possible about your father's identity, you will be able to use GoLookUp's public records directories and actually find your dad.


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