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Who Lives at This Address? How to Run an Address Search!

by Goni S.

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Reverse Address Lookup Explained

With over 320 million people living in the United States as of 2019, keeping detailed records of residents is more important than ever. Aside from statistical and census analysis, people need to perform an address search once in a while to find important information about others. By performing a professional and quick address lookup, you will be able to find a great deal of information about people you are searching for, and also discover information about the address itself.

What is an Address Search?

Like the name suggests, and address search is a process where you locate an address based on certain details. If, for instance, you want to find out where a particular person lives, you can perform a reverse address lookup and find the person you are searching. Such searches are mostly performed based on people's names, and you can discover much more information about them than their address.

Who Lives in This Address

Why Use a Reverse Address Lookup?

Searching for a person's address can be very helpful in many cases, and the following are a few examples of why you should use an address finder directory:

1. Find people you have lost touch with – whether it's old friends, family members, or even long-lost flames, a property finder directory can help you find people you are no longer in touch with. When you enter the name of the person you are searching for, you will see a detailed report about them, including their old and new addresses, so you will be able to get in touch with the people you want.

2. Find out if the information given to you is accurate – when you meet new people, they will provide you with information about themselves. In many cases, there is not a certainty if the people you encounter are telling you the truth about who they are and where they live. By performing an address lookup, you will be able to find out if people you met, like the potential love interest, provided you with accurate information about themselves, and if they live where they said they live.

3. Discover property data – when you use a property finder, you will find information about the people who live in the property and the property itself. A search like this will reveal mortgage data about properties, debts registered to the property, foreclosure notices on the address, and more.

Address Search

4. Find data about the neighborhood – when you search for an address, you will also find valuable information about the neighborhood and the people living in it; sex offenders, census data, crimes rates in the area, etc. The data you find will help you make important decisions about addresses and decide if you want to live in them.

5. Sales Prices – if you are considering moving to a certain neighborhood and you want to find out if homes in the said area are sold in your budget, use a reverse address lookup. By performing this search, you will discover the price of the property in the address you entered and the prices in the neighborhood.

How to Perform an Address Lookup?

If you want to find out who lives in this address, you can perform a public records search on the address you have questions about. To perform such a search, you will need to go to the authorities that maintain census data in the area of the address in question and request for the data you need. Standard waiting times for such information are between several days to several weeks, depending on the state and the address in question.

An easier way to find information about addresses you can use an address finder directory, like the one available to you on GoLookUp. To get the information you need, all you have to do is enter the address you are searching for. Once you do, the search engine on the website will scan all the available public records on the address in question. The search will be complete in a matter of minutes, and by the end of the scan, you will get a full report of the address you searched for. The search results will include census data, the names of the property owners, financial information related to the address, and much more.

Address Lookup

Who Lives at this Address - Free Address Search

If you want to find out who lives at this address, you can also perform a free address search online. However, it is unlikely that you will get all the search results you need. A search of who lives at this address with a free public records search directory does not include all the personal data that people need.

Why? Because free public records sites do not have full access to public records in the country. This type of access requires funds, and free websites do not have such means because they do not charge their users membership or usage fees. As a result, free websites that promise you to find out who lives at this address cannot access public records – access that requires payment.  

If you want to find even more information about the address and the people who live in it, you can perform a people search with GoLookUp. The search will result in a detailed report on the person you searched, like their aliases, criminal records, sex offender registries, social media data, arrest records and much more.

Performing a reverse address lookup can be very helpful in finding accurate information about particular addresses and the people who live in them. For a quick and easy search, use GoLookUp's address finder directory, and get all the information you need about addresses all across the USA.


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