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Why Are You Single? These Could Be the Reasons…

by Kelly G.

Why Are You Single, Why Are You Still Single

Why Are You Single?

If you are wondering ‘why am I single’ then there could be a host of reasons why you are single. Even though some people have a great personality and get along with others quite easily, when it comes to relationships, they often tend to find themselves single. Such people are often faced with the question ‘why are you single?’ or ‘why are you still single despite being so nice?’. Although being single isn’t really a problem, a lot of people tend to question their self-worth when people keep bombarding them with questions like why are you single. So if you are one of those people who are wondering why am I single, these could be the possible reasons.

You have high standards: Most often people tend to be single for long because they have a particular standard set for themselves and they do not want to settle. To such people, being single does not matter. Their main priority is not to get caught up in a relationship they are not totally happy in. So, when people keep asking them ‘why are you still single’, their answer is most likely going to be that they have not met anyone good enough as yet.

Why Are You Single

You are waiting for the right moment: Sometimes the reason you are single is that you are waiting for the right moment. You are not in a hurry to find your prince charming or your Cinderella. You are taking life slow and easy, and are not willing to rush yourself into any sort of commitment. You are happy with being single and will only stop being single when the right moment arrives and the right person shows himself or herself. Until then, the constant questions of ‘why are you still single’ do not bother you.

You are waiting for the right person: You would much rather be single than be in a relationship with the wrong person. You are happy with yourself, you do not mind being single, you will not force yourself to be with someone you do not love. Only when life presents your Mr or Mrs. Right will you decide on getting into a committed relationship.

Why Are You Still Single
You have other priorities: When you are single, people tend to make it the joy of their lives to constantly ask you ‘why are you single’. They just cannot seem to accept the fact that you are single because to have other important things going on in your life. It could be a new job, you have just taken up, or a new puppy you have adopted, or even some social work you are busy with. The reasons could be many. The point is that your busy schedule just does not allow you to have a fulfilling relationship right now. And that is fine. So when you do give in to pressure and ask yourself why am I single, keep reminding yourself that you are single because you have bigger priorities right now, and that is perfectly fine.

You are looking for something real: No matter what reason you come up with, people will still pester you and keep asking why are you still single. The questions may come about so often that you yourself may start doubting yourself and may keep wondering why am I single. One of the major answers to the question of why are you single is that you are waiting for something real. You look for real connections in life. You do not have time for fleeting relationships. You do not like investing your time into something that isn’t going to last.

So do not worry about the questions being thrown at you. Remember that there are so many valid reasons for being single. Get into a relationship when you are ready for it.


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