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Last Updated October 22, 2020

Extend Your Internet Signal Reach in Minutes! Eliminate Wi-Fi Drop Offs and Dead Zones!

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  • Connect to the internet from every spot around your home or apartment!
  • Use Wi-Fi Based apps to make calls without disconnects!
  • Speed up your Wi-Fi connection!
  • Connect, surf and download Social Media feeds and Stories without interruptions!
  • Stream Youtube video from every area of your home (without buffering)!
  • Stream Movies and TV shows from your smart TV without delays!
  • Connect multiple devices from around your Home!

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What Does a Wi-Fi Booster Actually Do?

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“This little gadget is a problem solver”
N. Santo

More than 60% of people complain about Wi-Fi disconnects and Wi-Fi “Dead Zones” around their homes and apartments. When your internet is not reaching all areas of your home, you find yourself waiting for websites to load, youtube and Netflix to buffer. You're sitting there waiting for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to upload content and stories. And if you are using Wi-Fi on your Smart TV, nothing can be more frustrating.

If some of these issues sound familiar, you will want to try the Smart Wifi Booster! This small device will speed up your internet wifi in just a few minutes!

Comparison of Best Wifi Boosters

  Product Price Overall Rating Test Performance Range Specs Design
1 Smart Wifi Booster $49.95 5 4.8 5
2 TP - Link RE 450 $69.99 4.6 4.3 4.3
3 Netgear EX6200 $119.99 4.5 4.4 4.1
4 D-Link DAP 1720 $69.99 4.4 4.1 4
5 Netgear Ex6150 $99.99 4.2 4 3.8

Why You Currently Experience Internet Disconnects and Wi-Fi Drop Offs

The average home internet package has plenty of pull to carry an entire family web browsing habits. So why do so many of us experience Wifi drop offs. And why do internet service providers try to up-sell unnecessary expensive ($100+) package to solve slow wifi and internet drop offs.

You only need 25 megabits per second to stream 4K TV movie on Netflix. The average home internet package costs $49.99 and gives a minimum 100 megabits per second. Therefore, your home internet should be working smoothly at all times. However, it does not. Keep reading to better understand what is exactly going on.

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So Why is Your Internet Dropping?

Your router acts as a communicator between your home and the outside world via the world wide web. The router receives a request from your home devices (made by you), calculates it and forwards it out in a secure way onto its destination. Your home router can be viewed as the gateway between your surfing habits and its traveling destination requests.

The Issue

Your router is losing signal from various areas around your home, or dropping signal due to interruptions that are caused by physical barriers such as: Walls, refrigerators, and other appliances which are blocking the signal from your devices to your home router! It is as simple as that!

You may have noticed that unplugging and plugging your router back into the wall may temporarily solve the issue, but not indefinitely.

The Solution

Instead of upgrading to newer and ‘stronger’ wifi plan or router; which would eventually not help and cost you hundreds of dollars each year. You can simply install a Wifi Booster or Wifi Extender that would Amplify the signal of your home router past any and all interruptions!

Where Is this Technology Used Around the World?

This type of technology is used largely in third world countries and areas where infrastructure is poor. Tech giant such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Tesla and others are partnering with local governments and using this type of technology to connect hundreds of millions of people to the internet.

1/10 Homes is Online in Africa. Internet Giants are Working to change that!

How Easy Is it to Install Our Top Wifi Booster Pick?

Our editor’s pick is the easiest to install. Simply plug into your wall outlet, connect to your computer and wait for the signal to run on!

Why Anyone Should Use the Wifi Booster
  1. Your Internet signal is being blocked by appliances.
  2. You have multiple levels or large distances around your home.
  3. Your router is located in an area that blocks internet signals.
  4. Wifi is not reaching your outside area, or different areas around your home.
  5. Your web experience such as: Website loading, movie streaming, videos calls, social networking is slower than you expect.
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N. Santo

"Internet drop offs issues are gone as soon as you connect."

Etti O.

"I was so Happy it just connected by pressing the button! I got 2 more smart boosters for my daughter’s house."

Rob J.
New York

"Saw the ad, and made the purchase. The wifi booster arrived within 3 days! No Disconnects and No Wi-Fi Drop OFFs since I plugged this little thing into the wall."

Uri G.

"Doesn't interrupt my home flow and can be plugged anywhere."

How Should You Approach Buying a Wi-Fi Booster

Most of us use the Internet to surf the web, check our social media accounts to communicate with friends, check out banking accounts, pay bills, stream our favorite TV shows and movies, as well as other basic day to day needs.

Unless you need extra features, complicated software updates and bulky design. We highly recommend purchasing the Smart Wifi Booster from You can save 50% off your first purchase and up to 75% off if you buy 2 or more units!

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