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May 2019

Windshield projectors explained: Find out what is a windshield projector and how it can help you!

The Rundown on Windshield Projectors

Until now, we have only seen them in sci-fi movies with spaceships moving full steam ahead – the windshield projectors. Screening things on surfaces have long been a fantasy for gadget lovers as well as people who want and need to see thing bigger and clearer. The latest invention in the projection field is the windshield projector that can amplify various elements straight on to your driver's window.

Like other products on the market, there are high-quality windshield projectors that will provide you with quality projections, and there are less than desirable knock offs that you should avoid. After all, it's a matter of road safety, so you should know how to choose a good windshield projector for your vehicle, and this guide will help you do just that.

First of all - what is a windshield projector?

A windshield projector, also known as a Heads Up Display (HUD) is a digital and transparent image that is projected onto a windshield of a car. The projection displays the information you need while driving, like the information you can find on your dashboard. You can hook up the system to your vehicle or your mobile phone, so you can display data you need while driving. A HUD is especially helpful for people who use navigation systems, like Waze, and for those who prefer to have a large and bright display, unlike small phone screens and small dashboard displays.

Windshield Projector

The HUD is revolutionary because it allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road instead of continually looking at their dashboard or phone. As a result, people will likely get into fewer accidents, and they will be able to keep their focus on the road ahead and not get distracted while driving.

 As a matter of fact, some people think that a windshield projector will eventually become mandatory for drivers in certain countries. It makes sense because each year, there are more and more things that distract drivers from the road. Instead of looking at the dashboard, the phone, and the GPS, drivers will be able to use one single projected screen that will help them get all the data they need while driving.

In fact, certain HUDs are advanced enough to be used as mobile devices. So, you will be able to receive emails, get calls, and driving directions without needing several devices. The windshield projector technology was first introduced back in the 90s, and while it is gaining popularity, there is still a way to go until the perfect HUD hits the market. In the meantime, you can purchase quality windshield projectors for your vehicle, and enjoy the hands-free technology that will make you a better driver.

windshield projectors

How Does a Windshield Projector Work?

While it may seem like a next-generation technology, the thinking behind the windshield projector is pretty simple; it's a small device that you can put on your dashboard with your windshield operating as a screen. When you operate the projector, an image is projected to the windshield, and you can choose which things you want to see, whether it's images from your phone, your dashboard, or a GPS system. When using the projector, the image "bounces" of a series of mirrors inside the device straight onto the windshield.

During this process, the images from the mirrors are revered, so when they get to the windshield, they are just as they should be, and also magnified. To adjust the images to where you want them to be, you can press a special toggle switch on the projector that allows you to put the display wherever you want on your windshield.

Third Party Windshield Projectors

As of today, there are several car manufacturers, like Audi, Mazda, and Mercedes, that sell cars with built-in HUDs. If you don't want to buy a whole new car just for the projector, you can purchase a Windshield Projector online. These types of HUDs are referred to as third-party windshield projectors, and they are small boxes that you can place on your dashboard.

 Most HUDs operate by connecting to your phone's GPS system, or by finding a signal from a satellite to estimate how fast you are going while displaying the data on your windshield. Aside from displaying your driving data, An HUD can also project directions on your windshield so you can easily find your way to wherever you need to go. To use the device, you will need to download a suitable app the can connect to the model of Windshield Projector you purchased.

best windshield projectors

Both Google and Apple are offering HUD apps you can download from the Play Store and iTunes. The apps allow you to connect your phone to windshield projectors easily, and without having to connect wires and cables. After you download the app you need, you can connect your HUD to your phone and enjoy your very own in-car projection system.

To use the app, you will, of course, need to set it up according to the directions on the app's page. Before you use the HUD on the road, make sure it works by trying it out in your driveway. Also, if you use a battery-operated HUD, make sure you use high-quality batteries and not the cheap kind that might run out while you are driving.  

To choose the best windshield projectors, make sure you use a reputable company that has a website with details about the device you want to purchase. Read the layout of each HUD you are considering buying to make sure they have the features you are searching for. Right here you can find some the best windshield projectors at affordable prices, so half of your job is done.

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