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Wyoming Child Custody Laws

by Brave Z.

Wyoming Child Custody Laws, Child Custody Laws Wyoming

What are the Wyoming Child Custody Laws?

Divorce is one of the toughest things in the life of couples. When it comes to divorce, one of the most apprehensive issues is the custody of the kids. To determine child custody, the family court in the state of Wyoming employs different criteria.

The most fundamental consideration concerning this is the interest of the kid. Here, the court will not consider the gender of the parent and the custody can be handed over to anyone parent or even in shared, joint custody can by the order from the court.

Even if the dad or mom is not conferred by the law to take care of the child, he/she can still gain access to the school records, medical and dental records of the child.

Child Custody Laws Wyoming
Wyoming Custody Hearings:

In most cases, parents on their own are not in a position to agree on a custody arrangement. In these instances, they have no other option other than attending a custody hearing in the court to arrive at the decision on any contested custody problems. When deciding on the custody of the child, the family court in Wyoming in addition to the preference of the child will also give importance to his/her well being and safety.

Here, the interest of the child will pay attention to the child, his/her relationship with any brother/sister. The court will consider the continued and consistent education of the child, family life and community. Even, the court will consider the parent’s interest. For instance, the court will consider who is more likely to take care of the educational, developmental, emotional, physical and special needs of the kid. The court will consider who is more capable enough to provide the kid with nurturing, consistent, stable and loving relationship with the kid at the time of the hearing.

Some Child Custody Specifics in Wyoming:

The Custody Law in Wyoming states that the decision of the judge might encompass any combination of different type of custody. For instance, in some case, the court can award joint legal custody, but with the condition that the physical custody of the child should be with only one parent.

In case, the parents live far from each other the court knows that the joint physical custody can affect the kid’s education as he will have to shift from one parent to another. To avoid such a thing from happenings, physical custody is awarded only to a single parent.

Wyoming Child Custody Laws

Factors considered by the court in deciding the child’s custody:

In all cases, the court will consider the following things as essential considerations in deciding on the custody of the child:

  • History of any abuse from one of the parents in the past.                                                                                                             
  • The interaction of the parents with each other.                                                                                                                           
  • The mental and physical ability of each parent to take care of a growing child.                                                                               
  • The rapport amid the kid and each parent.                                                                                                                                 
  • The ability of each parent to provide for the education and other needs of the child.                                                                       
  • The readiness of each parent to take care of the parenting responsibilities.                                                                                    
  • How each parent plans to motivate and maintain a strong and positive relationship between the child and the other parent?

Based on these considerations, the court will decide the custody to any parent regardless of the gender.

Is third-party custody possible in Wyoming?

In some instances, in addition to the parents, third party custody of the child might also be considered by the family court in Wyoming. For instance, the grandparents can also take custody of the child and this will be allowed by the court only based on the child’s interest. However, grandparents can take custody of the child with some limits.


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