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Everything You Can Do with Zillow Real Estate Site

by Rick J.

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Everything You Can Do with Zillow

Zillow, launched in 2006, is a comprehensive real estate search site to find details and information on properties that includes homes, townhouses, condos, and all other residential property for rent as well as sale. Most of the properties that are on sale would invariably find its way into Zillow listing.

Zillow pulls up information on real estate sales and rentals on the basis of the criteria that you enter on its search form. You can seek information by city, state, zip code, and country. Most properties are accompanied by a picture of the property.

More than ten million homes in the US are listed in Zillow’s huge real estate database, and that includes recently sold houses, homes for sale, and also houses currently present in the market.

Here are the lists of things that Zillow can help you with:

Free Listing and Property Value (Zestimate)

Listing of properties for sale by owner or agent, or listing a home for rent is extremely easy and free. Its’ sophisticated mobile and online search tools allow users to search for property based on specific criteria’s and also get a free estimation (Zestimate) of their property to assess how much their home or property is worth.

Zillow’s "Zestimate" is not meant to replace a formal home appraisal. On the other hand, it gives an idea to prospective sellers of how much their home or property is worth in the market.


Zestimate shows the price and tax history of the property and an approximate monthly payment amount. All this public information acquired by Zillow is compiled into one detailed and useful presentation that gives you a good idea of how a specific area is doing in the real estate market.

Mortgage and Loan Information

One of the best features of Zillow is the mortgage and loan information that it provides. Users can ask for loan details from various lenders at the same time without having to share any personal identification. User’s identity is not required until the time they decide to contact a lender. At the time, however, the user’s personal and financial details are collected.

It is also possible for visitors to search and compare lenders and their rates side by side, thereby helping them decide the best lenders after taking into account percentages, fees, and monthly payments among other factors.

The Zillow App – Real Estate Information Anytime!

The free Zillow app allows users to explore their real estate database anytime and anywhere. Users can also share these details on their social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Google Maps can be used to locate the properties that they are interested in, and check out homes for sale and rent apart from acquiring loan information.

Zillow Com,

Finding Real Estate Listings

Finding information on real estate and home values is extremely easy on Zillow. All you need to do is to enter a complete address into the search bar on the homepage.

Search results come with various filters, such as ‘For Rent,' ‘For Sale,' ‘Recently Sold,' and ‘Make Me Move.' If that was not enough, Zillow also offers further filters such as a bed, price slider, square footage, and many more criteria so that users can find the exact home or property that they want.

How Zillow Makes Money

If you are wondering how Zillow makes money after giving the users so much information for free, here is the catch! Zillow sells advertising on Zillow mobile app and to property management companies and real estate agents who are on the lookout for buyers and sellers, and also lenders who are on the lookout for borrowers. Zillow also sells to general advertisers on the real estate industry.


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