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by Kelly G.

Abbey Lee Kershaw Background Check, Abbey Lee Kershaw Public Records

Abbey Lee Kershaw Celebrity Life

Abbey Lee Kershaw was born in Melbourne in June 1987. Her father was a bank employee, and her mother was a forensic psychologist.

Abby was an extremely active child, so due to the constant climbing of trees, she suffered from fractures multiple times and also swelling of the knee.

The family was not really very wealthy and due to lack of money, glossy magazines were not bought, and therefore the girl did not even think about the bohemian life of the model.

However, the parents sent the girl to a ballet school. No doubt, dancing skills helped the future model in her career, because Abby poses beautifully on camera and her photos breathe artistry.
Getting Noticed

Once, while walking along the beach, Abby Lee noticed by a fashion agent and only a few days later, Kershaw signed a contract with Chic Management. But things did not go uphill immediately after.

The modeling career of Abby Lee Kershaw began to develop rapidly with a victory in the Australian CoverGirl Model Search competition in 2004, after which she moved to Sydney.

Abbey Lee Kershaw Background Check
The contest was of the all-Australian level; shortly after this, she moved from Melbourne to Sydney.

The victory in the competition dedicated to the selection of a girl model for the cover of a fashionable Australian magazine opened up many very promising ways for her; however, for some time, after arriving in Sydney, she worked in a bakery at the 'Newmarket Safeway'.

Two years later, in 2007, she moved to New York, where she signed another contract with the fashion agency Next Model Management, and the girl’s career rapidly gained momentum.

In the same year, the website predicted her a future superstar of the catwalks and they were not mistaken. 
After the first success, the girl was invited to participate in fashion shows and advertising shootings.

At New York Fashion Week alone, she went on the catwalk in shows of 29 collections under the big names of various brands.

Apparently, for this reason, the popular Internet resource included her in the top ten promising young models.

According to, she ranked 13th among the 50 most sought-after models. Italian Vogue dedicated the young model 20 pages of its October release in 2008.

Despite such popularity and relevance, Abby Lee Kershaw 's career is by no means all bright, as it may seem to an outside observer.

At the show of the Alexander McQueen collection, the corset on the model’s dress was so tight that she could barely breathe. She hardly finished the catwalk and having reached the backstage, lost consciousness.

The video captures that the last steps of Abby Lee Kershaw to the exit and one can see that they became shorter and slower, but none of the audience could ever have guessed what happened in a moment.

However, the girl came to herself as soon as they loosened the corset.

Abbey Lee Kershaw Public Records  

In another incident, at the 2009 Spring-Summer Rodarte Collection, Abby Lee Kershaw displayed high-heeled shoes.

At one moment, she could not keep her balance and collapsed onto the podium, severely breaking her knee. Because of this fall, she had to spend some time in bed, and for the same reason, she missed the rest of the season.

For those who think that the modeling business is an easy and enjoyable job, the experience of Abby Lee Kershaw highlights the severity and even danger of the profession.

Abby Lee Kershaw, after these accidents, now carefully accepts invitations to participate in fashion shows, even if these are from the most high-profile and famous designers.

For example, she refused to participate in the next Alexander McQueen show when she found out that she would again have to put on the high-heeled shoes.

Currently, Abbey Lee Kershaw resides in New York.

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