Andre Dawson Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Romeo D. Jancee

Andre Dawson Background Check, Andre Dawson Public Records

Andre Dawson Celebrity Life

Andre Dawson was born on July 10, 1954, in Miami, USA, and his full name is Andre Nolan Dawson, and his first-team has been Montreal Expos, and his primary position has been of the right fielder. He played last and finished his career in Cooperstown. During his tenure, he won the national league rookie of the year award. His other awards include the six straight gold glove awards. He has always been known for his consistency.


He soon became so popular that he could sign the blank cheque document with Chicago. His manager said that the had never seen a better player or a better man. He was a Red Sox player and played for Florida Marlins. His teammates are always heard saying that no other baseball player has created more history, suffered more for the game, and things on those lines.

Andre Dawson Background Check

Hall of Fame

There is data on him in the Cooperstown collection, and he is one hall of Famer who has stories written about him, and he has earned a place in the museum of baseball hall; you can shop his merchandise on the baseball hall. He donates all his memorabilia earnings towards charity.

It is lesser-known that he was a man unbeaten by surgeries. In all, he met with 12 knee injuries. He came to have the nickname ‘ Hawk.’ He had both speed and power. When he left the baseball player position, he started being the funeral home director.

Now, that is his career path after his father died. Now, Hawk and Vanessa, his wife, run the embalmment, and the funeral home is called Paradise Memorial Funeral Home, and it is located in Richmond Heights.


Dawson is the second hall of fame player to get into this embalmment business, and that other player was called the Merry Mortician. The hawk wanted to make it an excellent earning potential, and he decided to do that though he did not know the business.

He is one celebrity who has always liked to be a perfectionist, and he drives the cars such as Limos, Bentleys, and that is his favorite past time, he does not even mind mopping floors, and cleaning loos. Ever since his father died, he has had a tough time keeping his emotions in check, and he says that he hates death.

Andre Dawson Public Records
Baseball Career

To move back to his baseball career, he has played with four teams such as Montreal Expos, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, and Florida Marlins. He mostly played for the Cubs. His career was always promising, and the man is also well known for the fact that he could have played for the expos for the $2 million, but he rejected that great offer. He has always been involved as a charity driver, and he had donated $1 lakh.

The grass was always greener and softer for this baseball star; he is also known for getting a blank cheque as a star to have done outstanding work on the baseball field. The grass was always greener and softer for this baseball star; he is also known for getting a blank cheque as a star to have done outstanding work on the baseball field.

On the whole, he has scored 300 bases and 300 home runs, and that is pretty impressive stuff, few things we do not know about him are that he got his nickname from his maternal uncle when he was only nine years old.

He is known for his knee injuries, and he does not go ahead to blame Olympic stadiums for the same as he has the sportsman spirit. He never got a chance to reach the world series, though, and that is probably the only place where he did not succeed — the inspiration of a man, and a great man, The Hawk. 

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