Andre Johnson Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

Andre Johnson Background Check, Andre Johnson Public Records

Andre Johnson Celebrity Life

Andre Johnson was born on 11th July in 1981 and is a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL). He had a career that lasted 14 years and he played most of it with Houston Texans.

The title of “Special Advisor” was conferred upon him by Bill ‘O Brien who is the head coach and Andre played football for the University of Miami before he was drafted in the NFL.

During his career, he was called upon to four All-pro teams and to the Pro Bowl seven times.
Early Life

Andre went to Miami Senior High School and graduated from there in 1999. During this time he used to play football and was considered as one of the top-rated prospects in the whole country.

In his senior year, Johnson had 32 passes for about 930 yards to his name.
He then joined the University of Miami where he stood out amongst his peers as a receiver in the Hurricanes team from the year 2000 to 2002.

Andre Johnson Background Check

He was a co-MVP in the “Rose Bowl” (2002) which marked their fifth championship on a national level. His college career recorded him with 92 passes for almost 1850 yards and this feat holds the 5th spot on the University of Miami all-time list

Football wasn’t the only thing that Andre excelled at, during his college days he also used to take part in track and field events and won the 60-meter dash of Big East having a time of 6.81s. Later that day he also won the 100m dash with the time of 10.59s.

Professional Career

Johnson was predicted to be drafted in the first round but was also the third overall pick at the 2003 NFL Draft. Houston Texans drafted him for a 6-year contract and got $39 million for it with $13.5 million as a guaranteed amount.
In his rookie season, he started in all of the games and in 16 games he had 66 receptions for 976 yards, he also had 4 touchdowns to his name that season. Due to his performance, he was put in the All-Rookie team that season.

2004 season of NFL was particularly interesting for Andre as he combined with quarterback David Carr and recorded 79 catches that season.

Due to a very successful season, he selected for his first Pro Bowl. His 2005 season was plagued with injury and could only play 13 games.

The very next year Johnson made a comeback after fully recovering from his injury and had the most number of receptions that year with 103 recorded.

In 2007 he was offered a 6-year extension with Texans for $60 million that included $15 million guaranteed.

Andre Johnson Public Records  

In 2012 he became the first-ever Texan to reach the 10,00 yards milestones. The next couple of seasons were great for him but in 2015 he was released from the Texans.

In 2015 Andre was signed by Indianapolis Cots for a 3-year contract for $21 million but was released later in 2016 and was picked up by the TennesseeTitans. He played his final season with them and soon announced his retirement.

In his farewell speech, he stated that his only regret was that he could not get a championship home for the Texan Houstons. In 2017 he inducted into the highly prestigious Texans Ring of Honor.

Humanitarian Work

Andre Johnson has done a lot of humanitarian work and in 2012 he spent over $19,000 for kids in Child Protective Services that had a shopping spree at Toys R’Us.

He was also part of a Blue Santa program which Christmas presents for 800 students in association with Houston Police Department.

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