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Anna Bayle Celebrity Life

Anna Bayle was born in the year 1956 and is a former supermodel from the Philippines who enjoyed popularity in the later years of the 1970s and early to middle years of the 1980s.

She has been one of her time's highest paying stars, who became the first Asian Supermodel.
Modeling Work

She has worked with a number of labels in New York and has been a brand advisor to plenty of existing luxury brands.

She has managed global and foreign promotions with luxury groups and big retail chains, as well as the Elite Modeling Company and Shiseido Cosmetics calendars.

She has been included in a variety of fashion books, including
Thierry Mugler, Chanel, Scaasi, Valentino, Versace, YSL, Dior, Antonio's Design Drawings, etc.

Anna Bayle Background Check


Fashion photographers that captured her beauty on screen and in print include: Helmut Newton, Norman Parkinson, Sante D' Orazio, Peter Beard, David Seidner, Oliviero Toscani, Arthur Elgort, Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindbergh, Victor Skrebneski, Alex Chatelain, Paolo Roversi

Allowed to register then as a premeditated scholar at the University of the Philippines and a participant of the varsity basketball squad, her classmates encouraged Bayle to enter the fashion contest for Miss World.

While she did not receive the award, she captured the attention of Auggie Cordero, the renowned fashion designer. Cordero started a friendly association as a tutor and Bayle as a pupil.

Bayle was among the best paying female women on the planet before she finished her journey on the runway, having managed to break into the prestigious top-10 elite of the design ramp.

Two of her predecessors, the Brazilian Dalma and the African Iman, already had resigned several years ago but and she still, who was then in her 30s, was already being employed with young teenage models, leading her agent to label her as a "miracle."

As Bayle started modeling domestically and internationally in the 1980s, she assured herself that because her initial contract had been with a leading stylist (Thierry Mugler), her final one should also be with a leading artist.

So years before she really finally left, she told Christian Lacroix, who she was known to be really loyal to, to inform her whenever the time does come and she already going to lock it at that moment.

She told him that she would have liked to quit for the better and easier. They had a connection and she collaborated with him for long months before he told everyone that finally, it was the exact moment to end the career.

And the last, final series she did was with him, Christian Lacroix.
The adolescent model already heard all about apparel from the artist.

Her attention was drawn in the design capitals of the world to the glamorous nature of this career and she continued to dream of moving out there just to pursue her chances.

Anna Bayle Public Records

Fashion Week

It really did not take too long until she headed to Hong Kong, where she discovered herself at the Hong Kong Exchange Fashion Week, on a winning run, succeeding in the former fashion model Billie Blair (who encountered an unfortunate incident).

Later, it was New York and, after a while, Paris. With her thick black locks and foreign elements, Bayle stuck out in a Caucasian fashion cultural environment.

When she was placed on the cover of Vogue magazine, she backflipped, her thick, silky black hair displaying.

The picture established an impression the hung in the air throughout the design industry for a long time.

Within only two years of entering onto the international scene, Bayle shocked everybody by being one of the world's greatest Mainstream models, winning the nickname "Model of the Eighties," and also growing to top 3. She had undoubtedly achieved supermodel prominence, the very first Asian to climb so high.

However, it did not throw the significance on her lap; nor was it offered on a consistent basis. Filipina's 5'10 "model struggled hard to target the summit, and wanted to give up a large number.

Bayle may well have been a specialist but also a hard-working woman. She always seemed to feature a total of nine events per day during the modeling weeks of the season in New York or Paris where almost all of her peers will be performing just the one at the very most.

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