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Anna Paquin Celebrity Life

Though Anna Paquin was not the first child actor to win an Academy Award (the first was Tatum O'Neal at age 10), you have to admit that her acting skills clearly stand out in the film, The Piano. She won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at the tender age of 11. At the time, by her own candid admission, she had very little to no acting experience.

Nonetheless, the award she bagged was a clear indication that she was off to a flying start in Hollywood, an opportunity only a few get.
Short biography

She was born in 1982, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Canada, but was raised in New Zealand. She has two older siblings. Paquin is a musician too, proficient at the cello and piano. It was only during her youth that she shifted residence to Los Angeles, USA. She continued her college education at Columbia University for a year, but cut it short by leaving to pursue a full-time acting career.

Anna Paquin Background Check
She achieved tremendous success for her child star roles in Fly Away Home (1996) and A Walk On The Moon (1999). Very early on, she was nominated for awards, such as the significant nomination of a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture for her role in the film Almost Famous (2000), by Cameron Crowe. It was a comedy-drama and Paquin won critical acclaim for it.

The film, The Piano, was set to film in New Zealand, and director, Jane Campion, immediately took a liking to the 9-year old she met, whose only real acting experience was acting in a school play as a skunk.

Apparently, it was Paquin's older sister who read the advertisement for the audition (in a newspaper) and went to try out for it herself. When Paquin got to know, she wanted to go too. Anna Paquin was selected from over 5000 potentials for the role.
Acting Career

After her success in The Piano, the William Morris Agency signed her on. She kept receiving lucrative offers for acting roles but rejected all of them. In 1994, she appeared in commercials, mainly for the company, MCI, who made phones. She appeared in other commercials on television later on as well, particularly in Winnipeg, her birthplace.

The year, 1996, saw her appearance in two movies - as the young Jane Eyre, in Jane Eyre, and the lead role in Fly Away Home. She was a teenager then, and roles in other successful films followed quite naturally - Amistad, Hurlyburly, She's All That and Almost Famous.

Anna Paquin Public Records
Success as an adult actor

Paquin again achieved a great deal of popularity when she played the role of the mutant superhero, Rogue, in X Men, in 2000. She was seen again, much to her fans' delight in X Men 2, in 2003, and once more in 2006, in X Men: The Last Stand. The Marvel Comics series of movies put her on the map as a serious adult actor to contend with.

She has a production company, formed with her brother, Andrew Paquin, called Paquin Films. The company produced the film, Blue Slate.

In 2011, a film, Margaret, was released, in which Paquin acted. Her first role in a television series, True Blood, saw her acting as a waitress. During this time, she met Stephen Moyer, her co-star, and they married in 2010.

In the same year, she acted with Josh Duhamel and Katie Holmes in the film, The Romantics, produced by Paquin's film company.

She has consequently appeared in cameo roles and roles in much successful television series, the most recent of which is Flack, in which she plays a jet-set PR executive (2019).

Paquin achieved success and fame early on, but she has managed a steady rise in her career and is touted as one of the actors to look out for in Hollywood.

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