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Anquan Boldin Background Check, Anquan Boldin Public Records

Anquan Boldin Celebrity Life

Every sportsperson will have ups and downs. On some days, they will play to their full potential. But on certain other days, their performance will dip.

Therefore, judging the talent of a sportsperson with a day's performance is wrong. This rule applies to all sports including football. But there are certain players of football who show consistency in their performance.

One such player is Anquan Boldin, a player from the US. Let us try to know more about him.


Anquan Boldin was born on 3rd October 1980. He played at the wide receiver position. The number of seasons he spent in the NFL was 14.

During his college days, he played football in the state of Florida. Arizona Cardinals drafted him in the second round of the 2003-NFL. He played for Detroit Lions, 49ers of San Francisco, and Baltimore Ravens as well.

In 2003, Boldin was chosen the Year's Offensive Rookie. He was thrice chosen for playing in Pro Bowls. He won XLVII Super Bowl for Ravens. In 2015, the community service he did earned him the year's man of Walter Payton.

The High-School Career of Boldin

Boldin studied in High School Pahokee and he ran track and played basketball as well apart from football. In 1998, his skills while playing in the quarterback position got him the name, Mr. Football in the state of Florida.

When he played as a senior at Pahokee, his team won a Muck Bowl annual match against Glades Central. Boldin was chosen for the first team of USA Today. He earned the name of the Year's Player of Florida also.

Boldin took part in throwing, jumping, and sprinting events as well during his Pahokee school days. He created records in these events.

In 2007, he was chosen for the All-Century Team by the Association of High Schools of Florida. This team consists of the top 33 football players of teams that played in Florida during the century.

 Anquan Boldin Background Check
Boldin's College Career

Boldin studied in the state university of Florida between 1999 and 2002 He started playing the wide receiver position. In the 23 games he played in that position, he scored 21 touchdowns and caught 1790-yards 118 passes.

The Professional Career of Boldin

2003 Draft for the NFL:

Boldin showed initial sluggishness in the NFL-Combine's 40-yard dash. But Arizona Cardinals drafted him for the second round in the NFL of 2003.

Boldin's stint with Arizona Cardinals

Despite being a rookie, Baldin could set a new record in the NFL for the most number of receiving yards in the first game he played itself.

His record as the fastest in recording 300 receptions still remains unbeaten. The season ended with Boldin recording eight scores, 1,377 numbers of receiving yards, and 101 catches.

In fact, no other rookie was chosen for the Pro Bowl of 2004 except Boldin.

Boldin was with Arizona Cardinals for seven seasons during the period between 2003 and 2009. He was chosen thrice for Pro Bowls. Despite injuries, he could catch over 1,400-yards 100 passes during 2005.

His best display came about in a match played against 49ers of San Francisco on 4th December. He could break a number of tackles. He could score a touchdown as well that won the game for his team.

 He could compile 4 touchdowns, 1,203 numbers of receiving yards, and 83 catches in 2006 and this got him selection to play in the Pro Bowl for the second time.

In the season of 2007, the Cardinals named him the captain offensive. In fact, this season saw him becoming the fastest football player in the history of NFL to have compiled 400 numbers of career receptions. 

In a match played on 28th September 2008, Boldin sustained injuries but he returned for playing just after three weeks. There was a match against Carolina Panthers and in that match, he scored two touchdowns and caught 63 yards-9 passes.

Again December 2008 saw Bolding becoming the fastest among NFL players to have achieved 500 receptions. He played a post-season game against Atlanta Falcons on 3rd January 2009 and in that match, he scored a touchdown and achieved a 71-yard catch.

Even in the losing match of XLIII of Super Bowl against Pittsburgh Steelers, he could catch 84-yards 8 passes.

Baldin played another match on 15 November 2009 against Seattle Seahawks and it was the match that made him rise to the fifth rank among the fastest players of NFL to have recorded 7,000 numbers of receiving yards.

Anquan Boldin Public Records  
Boldin's Stint with Baltimore Ravens

2010 season

On 5th March 2010, Arizona Cardinals traded Boldin to Baltimore Ravens. He agreed for a deal for 3 years and the deal was worth $25 million.

In his debut match for Raven, he could catch 110-yards seven passes. In a Week-3 match played against Cleveland Browns, Boldin could score three touchdowns and catch 142-yards eight passes.

Again, he could become the fastest NFL player to have reached 600 receptions in only 98 games. His performance earned him the honor of the Week's Offensive AFC Player.

After three weeks, Boldin's team played a game against Patriots of New England and the losing match saw him score a touchdown and 63-yards four catches.

After a week, the team played against Buffalo Bills in which Boldin could score a touchdown and catch 92-yards six passes.

In yet another losing night-match against Atlanta Falcons, he could score a touchdown and 50-yards five catches.

Even in the matches played against Pittsburgh Steelers and in the playoff wildcard round match against Kansas City, Boldin could perform amazingly.

2011 season

The 2011 season saw Boldin playing matches against Steelers, Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals, and Bengals and he continued his scoring streak in these matches also.

In the Playoffs' divisional round, his team played against the Texans and his contribution to the victory of his team was immense. This helped his team move to the championship game of AFC.

In that losing match against Patriots also, Boldin had 101-yards six catches.

2012 season

Ravens played matches against Bengals and Cowboys during the 2012 season and Boldin could excel in these matches as well. His scoring streak continued even in matches played against Steelers and Redskins also.

In the wild-card round match of the 2012 playoffs, his team faced Indianapolis Colts and the Ravens won the game.

In the playoff game played against Denver Broncos, Boldin helped his team score an upset win. He again helped his team get its first title of the championship by displaying all his skills in the XLVII Super Bowl match played against 49ers.

His performance in this Super Bowl match got him the 31st ranking among the performances of all the wide receivers. Boldin got the 93rd rank in the annual list of the 100 top players of the NFL.

Boldin's stint with 49ers of San Francisco

On 11th March 2013, Boldin joined the 49ers of San Francisco, thanks to trading between Ravens and 49ers. In 2013, he played a match against Packers of Green Bay in which he broke several records.

In March 2014, he entered into a contract with 49ers. The deal worth $12 million was for 2 years. In a game played in 2015 against Chicago Bears, Boldin could surpass 13,000 numbers of receiving yards within a week.

Boldin's Stint with Detroit Lions

2016 saw Bolding entering into a deal with Detroit Lions. He continued displaying his immense skills even in the matches he played in 2016.

The matches he played during the year included those against Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings, and Chicago Bears. He broke several records in these matches.

Boldin's Stint with Buffalo Bills

On 7th August 2017, Boldin entered into a deal with Buffalo Bills. But he abruptly announced his retirement just after 2 weeks after signing the deal. He said he would focus more on doing humanitarian work.

The Personal Life of Boldin

Boldin's brother is DJ Boldin and he is San Francisco 49er's offensive assistant. Boldin has two sons. He often leads Bible studies.

In 2004, he established a foundation called Q81 Foundation for providing life and educational opportunities for underprivileged children.

The Foundation offers dental and scholarship programs for such children. It promotes community achievement among youth also.

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