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Arky Vaughan Celebrity Life

Arky Vaughan was born Joseph Floyd Vaughan in the city of Clifty in Arkansas on the 9th of March, 2012. Vaughan was a former American professional baseball player, playing between 1932 and 1948 mainly for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Brooklyn Dodgers. His position was primarily that of a shortstop, although he could play other positions as well when required.


Early Life

Vaughan is extremely well known as Arky which is a shortened version of Arkansas, the state he was born in, although he lived in Arkansas for less than a year. As a child, he was star struck with the game of baseball and gained an interest in it at a very early age. He added on extreme effort and determination, to his already present skill to become one of the best baseball players to have ever walked a baseball pitch.

 Arky Vaughan Background Check
Minor League Career

Vaughan began his professional career in 1931 at just the age of 19, in the minor league with the Wichita Aviators who were a part of the Western League. In his first season there, he hit a batting average of .338 with a total of 21 home runs.

He then moved to the Tulsa Oilers for the next season, who were affiliates of the major league team Pittsburgh Pirates. He started the 1932 season with the Oilers, and his performance caught the eyes of the Pirates management. Thus, Vaughan went on to be signed to the Pirates from the Oilers on the 7th of April, 1932.

Major League Career

The primary reason to acquire Vaughan from the Oilers for the Pirates was to have him as a backup for their main starting shortstop, Tommy Thevenow. However, Thevenow was suffering the after-effects of an ankle injury he had suffered during the 1931 season, due to which he had to sit out for a month. During this time, Vaughan came in as a replacement and played so well that, when Thevenow came back after sitting out for a month, he suddenly found himself in the backup role.


Vaughan during this time in 1932 was the youngest player in the National Major League. However, during the 1932 season, he was part of 129 games for the Pirates with an impressive batting average of .318 and 61 RBI. He only bettered himself in the next season of 1933, solidifying himself as the opening shortstop for the Pirates.

He finished the season with 152 games under his belt, with a batting average of .314, 97 RBI and the third-highest on-base percentage of .388.

The 1934 and 1935 season, propelled Vaughan to superstardom in basketball history. His performance in the 1934 season, earned him a position in the National League All-star team for the first time, of what would be many more teams. In the 1935 season, he led the entirety of National League baseball with a .385 average, a .491 on-base percentage, and an astounding 1.098 OPS.

 Arky Vaughan Public Records

He remained with the Pirates for a decade until 1941, as their shortstop when he traded to the Brooklyn Dodgers in exchange for 4 different players. He tried a new position with dodgers, starting as their third base. However, this got off to a rocky start and showed what would be a rocky journey ahead.

Vaughan’s time with the Dodgers was marred by controversy, which also marred his performance on the pitch. During the 1943 season, he got into an argument with the manager Leo Durocher and handed his uniform to him for disposal. Looking at his actions, almost every player in the team followed suit and refused to play for Durocher.

After this season, Vaughan retreated to his ranch for three years refusing to associate himself with the Dodgers. It was only after Durocher was suspended in 1947, that Vaughan made a comeback for the dodgers. However, this comeback did not last very long, and he was not able to get his old form back. He retired from the world of baseball after the 1949 season.

He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1985. Vaughan retired with amazing stats of 1,173 runs scored, 96 home runs, 926 RBI and a .318 batting average throughout his career. Vaughan passed away on August 30, 1952, at the age of 40 after falling from a boat and drowning.

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