Bobby Orr Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

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Bobby Orr Celebrity Life

Robert Gordon Orr is a Canadian ex-professional ice hockey player. Orr is considered to be one of the greatest ice hockey players to have ever existed. He has set multiple world records and all in all, has been a dominating persona on the ice hockey scene. Orr has played in the NHL for 12 seasons.

This long and decorated career of his has helped him gain experience that most players can only dream of. Orr won 8 consecutive Norris Trophies as the best defenceman.
If Wayne Gretzky is considered the best attacker in NHL, then Orr is perhaps the best defender to ever play the game. After his professional ice hockey career was over, Orr became a scout who worked for multiple well-known ice hockey teams.

Orr began playing ice hockey as an attacker but his game style revealed that he was better suited for a defensive position. Once he started practicing in defense, he became one of the greatest defenders this game has ever seen. Orr started playing ice hockey when he was just 8 years old.

Bobby Orr Background Check
Personal Life

Born in Ontario, Canada, George had a family that was well into various sports. Orr’s grandfather was a professional soccer player who migrated from Northern Island to Canada. Orr’s father, Doug Orr, was also quite an ice hockey player. He was invited to join the Atlantic City Seagulls, but he refused as he did not want to play the sport professionally.

Instead of playing the sport for money and fame, Doug Orr joined the Royal Canadian Navy and served in the Second World War. Orr was also an exceptional sportsman.

He started playing ice hockey when he was just five years old. Orr’s talent was recognized by the team Boston Bruins in 1961. Orr eventually ended up signing with Boston Bruins.
Bobby Orr met Margaret Louis Wood on a vacation and soon, they both became good friends. The friendship turned into a romance and the couple got married in 1973.
Bobby Orr and Margaret Wood had two children – Darren and Brent. Orr’s mother died due to cancer and that death had a profound impact on his psyche. Seven years later in 2007, Orr’s father also died. In 2009, Orr became a grandfather as his son became the father of a girl named Alexis. Apart from playing ice hockey, Orr is also exceptional at solving jigsaw puzzles.
Bobby Orr Public Records  

Bobby Orr’s career

After reaching the legal age of 18, Orr played with the Boston Bruin for 10 long seasons. Orr contributed heavily into Bruin’s two Stanley Cups wins. Fans and experts alike claimed that without Bobby Orr, Boston Bruin had no chance of winning the cup once, let alone twice.

Moreover, Orr also helped the team to make it into the playoffs eight times. Bobby Orr put in some serious work with Boston Bruin. Even though Orr was a defender, he has 42 goals and 106 assists. Orr has also won the Art Ross Trophy and the Hart Trophy for being the most valuable player for his team.

Orr’s career was glamorous but he had his own problems. His coaches were concerned about his health as he used to get injured quite frequently. Due to him getting injured often and taking up space on the bench, he was traded to Chicago Black Hawks in 1976. In 1979, Orr decided that he had put his body through enough.

Thus, Bobby Orr retired from professional ice hockey in 1979. After retiring, Orr worked as a scout for multiple teams. In 2013, he released his memoir “Orr: My Story”. Among ice hockey fans, Orr is no less than a celebrity.

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