Carmen Kass Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

Carmen Kass Background Check, Carmen Kass Public Records

Carmen Kass Celebrity Life

Carmen Kass is an Estonian model. She was also involved in politics for a few days. She has been featured as a supermodel by a multitude of well-known magazines. She can speak comfortably in Estonian, Russian, English, and Italian. Antonio Kass, the musician, and model is her nephew.

Carmen was born in Jarva County of Estonia, in Tallinn. She grew up in a small village called Mao. She is the youngest child in the family as she has an elder brother and a sister. Apart from modeling, she has a passion for chess.

Even after becoming established as a model, she didn't stop pursuing her passion.


She was first noticed by a model scout from Milan, in the supermarkets where she lived. And this happened when she was 14 years of age only. She then moved to Milan but later went to Paris because of no advancement in her career.

From then, she slowly rose to stardom and was gradually featured on the French edition of the Vogue, in 1997.

Carmen Kass Background Check

She established her career on solid grounds by 1999 and started to appear in advertisements of high fashion end designers like Versace, Gucci, Marc Jacobs.

Her modeling career reached its peak when she appeared on Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 1999. She walked on their show again in 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2008.

She was also featured in the advertisement of J'adore Fragrance by Christain Dior in 2000. In that very same year, she won the Vh1 Vogue Model of the Year award.
Carmen also appeared in advertisements for some major worldwide brands such as Calvin Klein, Dsquared2, Ralph Lauren, etc. Anna Wintour, who was a journalist and editor for Vogue, launched Kass's career.

Kass was chosen as the advertiser for General Motors. She became the spokesperson and model for Max Factor in 2007, which is an iconic line of cosmetics that originated from Poland.
She also became the spokesperson for the American-Cuban fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez's perfume brand. She also helped in the promotion of its products consecutively over the period.

She was the spokesperson for Revlon Cosmetics and Sephora.  She visited the Lee Strasburg Institute while staying in New York, to study the art of acting. She acted in the Estonian thriller film "Tana oosel me ei maga" and also has a cameo in the film "Zoolander".

In Zoolander, her character carried out the Derelicte Fashion show. Kass is known for her trademark runway modeling style. With a beautiful face, attractive figure, and optimum height, she just rocked the ramps while modeling.

Carmen was also the representative of Michael Kors for over 10 years. She is known as one of the most highest-paid supermodels across Europe.
Carmen has acted in a couple of films during her career. 

Carmen Kass Public Records

Life Behind Modeling

Carmen developed a liking for chess from an early age. She participate4d in chess competitions while pursuing her career as a model. She was the president of the Estonian Chess Federation for eight years. Now she serves as a councilor for the organization.

She also joined the politics in 2004 by becoming a member of the Res Publica Party. In 2004, Estonia joined the European Union and Carmen ran for a seat in the European parliament. But she was not elected since she didn't receive a majority of votes.

Currently, she is involved in the line of business as well. Baltic Models, a leading modeling agency in Europe and her mother agency is owned partly by her. She also owns a share in some private companies and has two real estate agencies under her name.

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