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Charles Johnson Celebrity Life

Born on 27th February 1989, Charles David Johnson is a football player (wide receiver) in America who is one of the free agents at present. The Green Bay Packers drafted him in round 7 of the NFL Draft of 2013.

Johnson has also been a part of many other football teams such as the New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, as well as Cleveland Browns. He played for the Orlando Apollos of the AAF in 2019.

Here, Jonson was a leader in the league where he had six hundred eighty-seven receiving yards while playing in 8 games.
Childhood and Early Years

He graduated from Kentucky’s Lloyd Memorial High School. He had the distinction of being a 4-sport star in track, football, basketball, and baseball.

Johnson played in the capacity of one of the wide receivers in the football team called Lloyd Memorial Juggernauts.

He was also a star in track and baseball while attending Lloyd Memorial High School. Johnson earned the honors of All-conference and All-state while being a junior, as well as, a senior.

Charles Johnson Background Check
Although he began to play baseball and shortstop, he later focused on football while in his junior year. He got letters for excellence in track and field in all 4 years and competed in jumps and sprints.

College Career

Johnson spent 12-month at Eastern Kentucky University before attending GVSU where he was seen playing 11 games. The player also studied for a year at Antelope Valley College.

While being red-shirted in 2010, Johnson was not seen playing any match. When he was in the senior year, he had caught 16 touchdowns and seventy-two passes for 1,199 yards.

Professional Football Career

Charles Johnson did not get an invitation to take part in the NFL Combine of 2013. However, the player gave a good performance at the “Pro Day” of GVSU.

The Green Bay Packers chose Johnson in the 7th round of the NFL Draft of 2013 where he was the 216th pick overall.

Johnson spent that time before the season with the Green Bay Packers before he became a part of the practice team on 2nd September 2013.

The Cleveland Browns signed him off the practice squad of the Packers on 12th October 2013, just 4 days prior to being dispatched to non-football/reserved injury bench.

The Vikings signed the player off the practice squad of the Browns on 20th September 2014.

Although he had spent the entire season on the practice squads of the Packers, as well as, Browns, Johnson had his breakout 1st season in 2014 while playing for the Vikings.

Charles Johnson Public Records  

The following year, Johnson dealt with injuries for a major portion of that preseason. He did not succeed in strengthening his position in the squad and Mike Wallace got the privilege of starting the matches at the training camp.

On the other hand, Johnson started four games and appeared in 11.

However, he remained inactive in the final three games of that season that included the Wildcard Playoff game. When Mike Wallace left during the offseason, he was declared as the wide receiver for the season of 2016.

Johnson entered into a deal with the Carolina Panthers for one year on 10th March 2017. However, the Panthers put him on the injured reserve on 25th July 2017 after undergoing knee surgery.

The New York Jets a signed contract with Johnson on 9th April 2018. They released him on 31st August 2018. He joined the Orlando Apollos in 2019 to play at the Alliance American Football.

However, once football operations were suspended by the AAF, the player entered into a deal on 9th April 2019 with the Philadelphia Eagles. Johnson succumbed to an ankle injury and declared injured on 28th August 2019.

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