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Christopher Reeve Celebrity Life

Christopher D'Olier Reeve was born to Franklin D'Olier Reeve, a teacher, author, scholar, and Barbara Pitney Lamb, a journalist. Reeve was a celebrated actor and icon in Hollywood, best known for his persona of Kal-El, or Clark Kent in the superhero franchise, Superman. Reeve is also the founder of the Christopher Reeve Foundation that specializes in helping people with spinal cord injuries and advancing stem cell research.


Professional Biography

Reeve was born into a wealthy family and spent his childhood years in New Jersey. As a child, he excelled in all spheres of his life, in academics, in sports, and was even on the honor roll.

He pushed himself at a young age to win the approval of his father despite suffering from asthma and allergies that held him back from performing well. He gained a passion for acting at the age of 9 when he was cast into a school operetta, The Yeomen of the Guard.

He graduated from Princeton University and began partaking in Shakespearean plays to hone his acting chops. His peers and teachers all praised him for his natural-born talent.

After attending Julliard, he graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Arts.

Christopher Reeve Background Check

He began immediately hitting the Broadway stage where he captured the attention of legendary actress Katharine Hepburn. She was taken with his looks and talent and used her influence to get him cast into a CBS soap opera, Love of Life.

While attending his next role in Gray Lady Down, he heard about the upcoming big-budget movie Superman and chose to audition.

His resume was discarded several times during the casting process, but the casting director favored him and begged and pleaded with the director to offer Reeve the role.

Reeve buried himself in the 300-page script and went on to give one of the best performances of his life that made Superman a commercial and critical success. He was a household name soon enough and went on to perform to acclaim in Superman II as well.

 He even received physical training from the actor of Darth Vader, David Prowse to look as muscular as possible for his role as Superman.

Sadly, Superman III and Superman IV The Quest for Peace were failures and he turned to explore his acting range in other genres instead.

His next role was in the time travel mystery Somewhere in Time and he went on to get cast in The Bostonians, The Aspen Papers, The Royal Family, Marriage to Figaro with mixed results.

He was the darling of Hollywood, however, and despite the fact some producers could not afford to pay him on par with what his salary had been on Superman, he accepted the roles nevertheless, believing in the power of a good script.

He starred in Street Smart, Switching Channels, The Rose and the Jackal, and The Remains of the Day which saw eight Academy Award nominations.

Christopher Reeve Public Records  

His next years were spent filming Speechless, and Above Suspicions until a terrible horse accident would see him become a quadriplegic. His vertebrae, spinal cord, and lower body would be damaged to the point he could not move from the neck down.

And so the era of Reeve's acting career would end. His net worth at his peak was estimated to stand at $3 million.

Personal Life

Christopher Reeve had a relationship with Gae Exton from 1978 to 1987. She would give birth to their first son on December 20, 1979, then their second child in December 1983.

His relationship with Exton collapsed in 1987 and he married Dana Morosini in 1992. Reeve died in 2004 due to heart failure, and Dana would die from lung cancer in 2006. He is survived by 3 children.

Awards and Recognition

Reeve won a BAFTA for his role as Superman along with a Saturn Award nomination as well.

He won Saturn Awards for Best Actor for his roles in Somewhere in Time, Superman II, Superman III, and Death Trap.

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