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Cody Parkey Celebrity Life

  • Overall rank: 264
  • Name: Cody Parkey
  • Position: K
  • Overall score: 83

Cody Parkey was born on the 19th of February in the year 1992. Parkey, today, has become a free-agent Professional football placekicker.

Cody Parkey played high school football at Auburn and had been selected in 2014 as something of an unrestricted free agent by the Indianapolis Colts.


Cody Parkey was also a leader of:

  • the Eagles,
  • Cleveland Browns,
  • Miami Dolphins,
  • Chicago Bears, and
  • Tennessee Titans of Philadelphia.

He's recognized for hitting the Double Doink, the best hop in Chicago Bears' latest postseason history.

College Career

Parkey played from 2010 to 2013 in college athletics with the Auburn Tigers. He actually played in two games as a freshman in 2010 but earned all bonus points which he pursued.

Cody Parkey Background Check
Cody Parkey made 41 of 42 extra point opportunities as a senior in 2011, and 13 of 18 touchdown tries.

Cody Parkey made all 27 extra points attempted as a freshman in 2012, and 11 of 14 field-goal attempts. He made 66 of 67 extra-point tries as a senior in 2013, and 15 of 21 touchdown efforts.

Professional Career

Indianapolis Colts

Parkey has partnered with the Indianapolis Colts since going undrafted in the 2014 National Football League draft.

Cody Parkey was dealt with the Philadelphia Eagles Sports by the Colts on the 20th August 2014 for tight end David Fluellen.

Cody Parkey edged out Alex Henery to have been the Philadelphia Eagles kicker for just the 2014 game following a strong offseason.


In the year 2014, Cody Parkey set a new winning mark for The National Football League rookies. Kevin Butler's 150 goals smashed his 29-year-old mark of 144 points, achieved with that of the Chicago Bears in the year 1985.

Cody Parkey tied for all the largest amount of points earned per match in The National Football League season of the year 2014 alongside Stephen Gostkowski.

For the 2015 year's Pro Bowl, Parkey was called a first-time alternate. Parkey succeeded Gostkowski in Pro Bowl on January 18th, in the year 2015, leading to the participation of the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. Cody Parkey was put on the injured list on September 28th, 2015 with a broken groin injury. Cody Parkey was released by the Eagles on the 3rd of September in 2016.

Cleveland Browns

Following a major injury to Patrick Murray, Cody Parkey signed with the Cleveland Browns on the 24th of September in the year 2016. On September 02, 2017, The Browns suspended Cody Parkey.

Cody Parkey Public Records  

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins also acquired Cody Parkeyoff's claims on September 3, 2017. During week 2, Cody Parkey was named AFC's Special Teams Member of that week against all the Los Angeles Chargers for contributing 13 of the Dolphins 19 scores (four field goals and one bonus point), including one with a 54-yard tournament-winning field goal.

Cody Parkey concluded a 4 year deal with the Chicago Bears on March 14, in the year 2018. On November 11, in the year 2018, Cody Parkey saw four kicks (two bonus points including two field goals) hit the crossbar against both the Detroit Lions; neither fell through. The Bears prevailed 34–22 amid its losses.

Later throughout the 2018 – 19 The National Football League wild card championship game against all the Philadelphia Eagles, Parkey had only an opportunity to score the game on a 43 - yard kickoff return with the Bears behind 16 – 15.

Prior to the actual kick, the Eagles signaled for a pause to prevent Parkey's initial field goal attempt.

At first, it seemed on his next try that Parkey's shot was a mistake when the ball met the left upright and backboard until landing back into the middle of the field.

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