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by Laurein A.

Danny Glover Background Check, Danny Glover Public Records

Danny Glover Celebrity Life

Danny Glover is a versatile personality who has lived and played many roles in his lifetime. He is a film actor by occupation and supports various political and humanitarian causes.

Professional Bio including Notable Performances and Net Worth

Danny Glover attended graduate school i.e., George Washington High School, San Francisco. In the late sixties, he obtained admission to San Francisco State University but was unable to complete his studies.


During his student tenure at the San Francisco State University, Danny was an active member of the Black Students' Union. Danny deserves the credit for his contribution to the cause of establishing the Department of Black Studies. It was a successful collaboration from the Third World Liberation Front and the American Federation of Teachers. It is also a landmark in the creation of the first School of Ethnic Studies in the history of American welfare and educational developments.

Danny Glover has acted in a total of 186 movies so far.

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Top 10 Movies of Danny Glover:

The Color Purple

-directed by Steven Spielberg/ Year of Production: 1985


-co-starred with Harrison Ford/ Year of Production: 1985


- co-starred with Woody Allen/ Year of Production: 1998

Places in the Heart

- co-starred with Sally Field/ Year of Production: 1984

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

- co-starred with Jimmie Falls/ Year of Production: 2019

The Royal Tenenbaums

- co-starred with Owen Stiller/ Year of Production: 2001

Lethal Weapon

-co-starred with Mel Gibson/ Year of Production: 1987

To Sleep with Anger

-co-starred with Paul Butler/ Year of Production: 1990

Lethal Weapon 2

- co-starred with Mel Gibson / Year of Production: 1989

Beyond The Lights

- co-starred with Minnie Driver / Year of Production: 2014

Danny Glover has a net worth of approximately $40 million. He has been acting for almost three decades and has had a good career. Danny has acted in some of the movies that were box office hits. Most of the income is accrued from acting in movies, royalties earned, endorsements, and income from other sources.


Personal Life

Date of Birth: July 22, 1946

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California.

Danny lived many roles in his lifetime viz., actor, film director and producer, critic, and as a political activist. He is known to support various political causes.

In his early years as a young adolescent, Danny was afflicted with epilepsy but successfully overcame it in his later years. Danny was twice married and has a child- a daughter by name Mandisa. He has always lived in the limelight and there are no reported controversies from his personal or professional life. He is passionate about living life the right way and stands for a cause that benefits all in the society.


2018 Won the best supporting actor for the film ‘Buckout Road’ - World Music and

Independent Film Festival

Won the Golden Statuette award for bagging the Best Actor award for the film ‘Buckout Road’- Vienna Independent Film Festival 2016. Danny was also Awarded the Cuban National Medal of Friendship at a public ceremony in Havana for his solidarity and support towards Cubans who underwent incarceration in America. In 2015, Glover Won the Asia Pacific Screen Award for his role in the movie 'Rak Ti Khon Kaen'

Danny Glover Public Records
Additional awards:

  • 2008 President’s award- Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
  • 2007 Won the Lifetime Achievement Award- Dubai International Film Festival
  • 2005 Angel Film award- Monaco International Film Festival
  • Best Actor award- ‘Missing in America’
  • 2003 Won the Lifetime Achievement award- LA Pan African Film Festival
  • 2002 Won the Lifetime Achievement award- Jamerican International Film Festival
  • 2001 Won the Christopher Award- ‘The Freedom Song’
  • 1993 Heidsick Award- San Francisco International Film Festival
  • 1991 Won the Independent Spirit Award as a Best Male Lead in the film ‘To Sleep With Anger’ produced in 1990
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